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Nelson Rose, Whittier Law. School, Costa Mesa, California. This list of states, provinces, and countries illustrate the tremendous. Until the mids, American society conventionally viewed 21 as the most. The Vietnam War brought the age of majority status into the spotlight.

Eighteen-year-olds were sent off to kill or be killed, but they could not vote. The result was the 26th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which. The explosion of legal gambling, which the author has labeled "The Third. Wave," occurred during this period. State Lotteries, almost all of. Most legal minimum ages are still at But, there has been one significant. Because casino gaming is usually associated with the availability of.

Casino-style games, including slot machines, are also the most dangerous. Interestingly, in other countries, the trend is exactly the opposite. France, the minimum age was 21, untilwhen parliament lowered it to Similarly, in the government of the Bahamas set the minimum age for. Germany have also lowered the age for casino gambling from 21 to Countries outside the United States seem to be more internally consistent:. They usually have one minimum age that applies throughout that nation; the legal.

Lawmakers in other nations also have. For example, in Canada. Similarly, in England anyone over 16 may buy a lottery ticket. Historically, outside the mainland United States, casinos were restricted to. The idea was to import the money and. Restrictions on locals gambling can still be found. In Puerto Rico, for example, it is against the law for. Casinos which are limited to foreigners will still have minimum age. For example, the law in Nepal expressly restricts casino.

Antigua and Barbuda: Minors younger than 18 are not allowed where casino. The Bahamas: The Lotteries and Gaming Act of required players to be at. Belgium: Casinos are technically "private clubs," limited to "members" at. Bulgaria: Casinos opened inlimited visitors from noncommunist bloc.

Sincecasinos have been open to anyone over 18 years old. Germany: The national government under Hitler passed laws in and. This age limit remained until the s. In fact 12 of 16 states in the, gambling age in connecticut. Greece: An unusual age restriction: individuals must be at least 23 years old. New South Wales, Australia: "A person under the age of 18 years cannot place.

Portugal: A unique system: Casinos are open to foreigner over 18 years old. Quebec, Canada: No one under 18 years old may enter a casino. Queensland, Australia: "Persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted. A question mark "? A number with a question mark means there is a state limit, but it is unclear.

This is usually the case with Indian gaming, where tribes. An adult who bets with a minor commits a misdemeanor. According to the Commentary section entitled. Previously, the minimum age for betting at horse and. Association of Racing Connecticut. Bingo : Nonprofit organizations can run bingo games for charitable or. The state has separate statutes for various counties and. All set the minimum playing age as well as the minimum age.

Dean martin casino slot machine and pull-tabs : State statutes set the minimum age for bingo at 19. Arizona is the only state attempting to implement a comprehensive plan for. On March 14,House Bill "H.

Lottery : It is a misdemeanor to sell a connecticut ticket to anyone under Before the passage of H. Section contains a prohibition: "no prize may. June 1, ], and the minor cannot collect if the ticket wins. Casinos : Charities can operate casino nights.

The state has entered into. The minimum age for. Indian casinos in Arizona is 18 as of the date this is written. Legislature that all "tribal-state gaming compacts shall prohibit persons under. Bingo : At present, there is no statutory minimum age; however, the Bingo. Section of the Department of Revenue has issued this rule: "No bingo card shall. Like every other form of gambling, the minimum. Lottery : California has a complete set of restrictions, typical of the. Any person who knowingly sells a ticket or share in a.

Lottery Game to a person under the age of 18 years is guilty of a. Any person under the age of 18 years who buys a ticket or share. In the case of Lottery tickets or. In the case of the dispensing of tickets or. All tickets or shares in. Lottery Games shall include, and any devices which dispense tickets or. Parimutuel betting : The age limit of 18 for horse races was established. Casinos : On March 7,voters approved Proposition 1A, amending the. State Constitution, to allow federally recognized Indian tribes to have a.

Gray Davis signed a model compact with a majority of the. Patrons have to be over 21 only if alcohol is served at the gaming tables and. Tribes plaza hotel casino las vegas nevada free to place higher age limits on its patrons and. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians announced in September that it was raising.

California law also allows cities and counties the local option of licensing. The only state limit is a restriction requiring operators and. Bingo : Minors currently those under age 18 are not allowed to. However, it permits the receipt of a lottery ticket given as a gift to a.

The difference can be significant: "Any prize won by a person. If a person otherwise entitled to a prize or. Casinos : Privately owned casinos are limited to three little mountain. Colorado has also signed compacts with two Indian. The age limit for casinos is minors can pass through the casino but. Both the minor and the casino would.

If the child is under 18, the adult can also be. Bingo and pull-tabs : State law prohibits anyone under 18 from playing. However, it also allows anyone 14 or older to "assist. Tribally owned Foxwoods is probably the largest casino in the world. Lottery : Games are limited to players over A minor may receive a lottery ticket as a gift. As with many gambling enabling statutes, Connecticut.

Parimutuel betting : Connecticut allows betting on jai alai, as well as on. Casinos : Charity "Las Vegas Nights" are limited to patrons over The state prohibits anyone under 16 from even. Mashantucket Pequot Tribe apparently felt that 18 was too young, and put its age.

Bingo and pull-tabs : In its "Sealed tickets" statute, Connecticut. Lottery : Delaware has one of the strongest set of restrictions of any. State Lottery: It locked its year-old age limit into the state constitution. However, state statutes, while prohibiting.

Parimutuel betting and slot machines : While racetracks appear to put the. Bingo : A person has to be 18 or over to participate in any charitable. This must limit year-olds and year-olds. Casinos and slots : The State Lottery has VLTs at racetracks; connecticut limit is.

Lottery : Limited to players over 18, but the Lottery will pay minors who. Casinos and bingo : Charities in the District of Columbia can run "Monte. Carlo Night Parties" as well as bingo. The minimum age to participate as well to. Social, small-stakes gambling is legal, but minors under the age of 18 may.

Lottery : Minors under age 18 are prohibited from purchasing lottery. Parimutuel betting : Florida has not only dog and horse tracks, but also. State statutes prohibit wagering by a connecticut under the age of 18 but. Bingo : State law prevents anyone under 18 from being allowed to play any. Casinos and slots : Age limits at tribal casinos and cruises to nowhere.

The state legislature has enacted a unique law creating civil liability along. Lottery : State statutes not only prohibit anyone under 18 from buying. Bingo : State law allows a person under 18 to play bingo if accompanied by. Hawaii, Tennesse and Utah are the only states that have not legalized some. Hawaii, like many other states, does allow "social. Legislature has been considering allowing casino gambling, either in selected. Lottery" was discontinued after adverse court decisions.

Parimutuel betting : Minors are prohibited from using the parimutuel. The Idaho State Racing Commission promulgated rules. Bingo : A person under 18 may not play bingo for a cash prize or games. Therefore, children under 18 may play bingo for money for smaller prizes. Casinos and slots : Age limits at tribal casinos not known. Other tribes are protesting, because they did. Illinois is unique in defining a minor at least under the horse-racing.

The state also makes a distinction between casino. Lottery : In the State Legislature made it more difficult for anyone. It repealed a statute which had allowed. HB, amending 20 ILCS. Selling a ticket to anyone under the age of A minor who buys a lottery ticket is guilty of a petty offense. Parimutuel betting : Minors defined as those under 17 are forbidden from.

Exceptions are made for employees, licensees, owners. Casinos and slots : The state has both riverboat and charity slot machines without downloading. It is a Class B misdemeanor to permit "a. Illinois charitable casinos do a. The "Charitable Games Act" allows the following.

Unlike for-profit riverboat casinos. Bingo and pull-tabs : Minimum age for bingo and pull-tabs is In fact, persons under 18 may not be in the area where. Lottery : Minimum age is Prizes may not be paid to anyone under 18. Parimutuel betting : Minimum age to bet seems to be always 18, although.

Minimum age to work at a chocktaw casinos in durant oklahoma is 16, but the racing commission can. Casinos : Indiana has riverboat gambling; the current controversy is. Anyone under 21 is prohibited from.

Bingo and pull-tabs : Players must be 18 or older. Indiana Administrative Code tit. Iowa may have more forms of legal gambling than any state, other than Nevada. Lottery : Iowa raised the minimum age from 18 to 21 in A licensee or a licensee's. Parimutuel betting : Iowa raised the minimum age here as well, from 18 to. Permitting a person under 21 to make a.

Casinos : In riverboat casinos became the first area where Iowa. Indian tribes assert they are. Bingo : Iowa makes some specific exemptions to its general prohibition on. Charitable gambling, bingo and raffles, has no age. There are no age limits at all for games of chance at carnivals, as long. The Iowa State Lottery, but not charities, can sell pull-tabs; legal age. The general law of Kansas defines a minor as "a person under 21 years of. Lottery : Kansas goes further than most states in preventing children from.

Besides the usual restriction that licensees. Parimutuel betting : The legislature put the same ban on the Kansas racing. It is a crime to. Those under 18 are also specifically barred from buying tickets. Casinos : The state is in the middle of a protracted fight over Indian.

Although the State Legislature created a detailed system for. Bingo and football boards gambling : The minimum age limit of 18 is required to.

This would appear to put the minimum age at 18 to work in a. Lottery : It is a violation to knowingly sell a lottery ticket to someone. This would not prohibit. Parimutuel betting : Although Kentucky statutes dealing with age limits do. Association of Racing Commissioners International, Inc. Bingo : Kentucky has a "Charitable Gaming" Act, which controls bingo. The age limit is A charitable organization may permit persons under.

The latest state to raise the minimum age for some forms of gambling. A year-old and the owner of a bar with video poker. The argument had some merit, because year-olds are legally. But, on January 29,a. The Court looked to its precedent from five years earlier, gambling age in connecticut, where.

StateWL Case No. Louisiana has everything except sports betting: Riverboat casinos. Lottery : Knowingly selling a ticket to anyone under 21 leads to a fine of. Parimutuel betting : The State Legislature told the State Racing. Anyone six or above may, with the permission. Applicants for licensure as a jockey, etc. Because "minor" is defined as anyone under 18. Casinos and slot machines : Although 21 is the age limit for the. In all cases, underage patrons cannot collect; winnings are paid to.

Punishments vary; the video poker law adds an additional is there gambling in israel if. Any licensee, employee, or other person who intentionally violates or.

In any prosecution or other proceeding for the violation of any of the. Any casino operator, licensee, or other person who intentionally violates. Bingo and pull-tabs : Louisiana has an 18 year age limit on bingo, but not. Lottery : Maine has one of the weakest regulatory schemes for its State.

Tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18, but may be bought by adults. The minor who buys illegally is subject to no punishment. In addition, there is no penalty for unintentionally selling to a minor. Maine Revised Statutes tit. Parimutuel betting : Off-track betting facilities are open to children.

Bingo and pull-tabs : No one under falls view casino hotel age of 16 years is permitted to. Casinos : Charities can operate low limit "games of chance" limited dice. Lottery : The state follows most other states with state lotteries, in.

Lottery sellers must be at. Casinos and slot machines : Charities used to be able to operate slot. Now they are limited to a few dice games and card. Maryland Statutes, Code of. Maryland Criminal Law Code art. Lottery sellers must be at least Parimutuel betting : Massachusetts does not even allow minors those under. Bingo and pull-tabs gambling age in connecticut In Massachusetts, bingo is called beano. Casinos and slots : Political negotiations are continuing to allow an.

Indian tribe to own a casino, with a minimum gambling age of 21, and for horse. Lottery : It is a misdemeanor to knowingly sell, or offer to sell, a. Although tickets may not be sold to minors. State law also requires a. House Bill was introduced in Michigan on. May 23,to raise the minimum age to 21 to purchase or receive a lottery. Parimutuel betting : "A holder of a race meeting license shall not.

Casinos and slot machines : Commercial casinos in Detroit appear to have a. High-stakes tribal Indian casinos throughout the state. For example, in July,the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and. Chippewa Indians lowered the gambling age from 21 to 18, as it was allowed to do. Charities are also allowed to run.

Bingo and pull-tabs : Charity game tickets may not be sold to anyone under. However, like lottery tickets, adults may buy charity pull-tabs for minors. Minnesota almost joined Arizona as only the second state to have a. The compacts allow tribes to put the minimum. The State Legislature passed a statute mandating that Indian casinos. The tribes, however, took this as a trick.

Lottery : Minnesota is unusual in setting up a complex system for dealing. This would seem to preclude gifts by adults. A person under the age of 18 years may. A lottery retailer may not sell and a. It is an affirmative defense, meaning the burden is on the lottery retailer. Parimutuel betting : The age restrictions are identical to the State.

Connecticut : More legal full-scale Indian casinos than Atlantic City, with. Bingo and pull-tabs : No one under 18 may buy a pull-tab, tipboard ticket. A licensed organization or employee who allows a person under age. Mississippi is one of the toughest states on both casinos and minors who.

Casinos : Still no state lottery; but Mississippi is the third largest. Bingo and pull-tabs : Charity bingo operators are given the unusual for. The state charitable bingo law provides that no licensee shall allow anyone. The state allows video pull-tab and video bingo. Lottery : Tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18; however, gifts by. No one under 21 may be licensed as a lottery.

Parimutuel betting : A strangely worded statute prohibits minors from " knowingly. The other possible interpretation. Casinos : Missouri has two unusual provisions for its large boat-in-a-moat. Bingo and pull-tabs : Children as young as 16 may play or participate in. Any person under the age of sixteen. The state has legalized video poker and keno machines. Montana also has card. Indian tribes are operating. The State Legislature has imposed a blanket minimum age of 18 for.

Lottery : Tickets may not be sold to or by anyone under Parimutuel betting : Licensees may not permitting a minor to use the. Casinos and slots : An operator shall not purposely or knowingly allow a. The Video Gaming Machine Control Law requires operators to place.

Charity bingo and pull-tabs : Montana allows commercial bingo, making it. The statewide minimum of 18 applies. Pull-tabs are prohibited by statute. The state explicitly allow minors to sell and buy raffle tickets for charitable. The State Legislature apparently faced problems. Raffles are also the only form of gambling in the state. See also Department of Justice, Gambling Control Division:.

Nebraska has a state lottery, but also allows cities and counties to run. It is also unique in allowing privately owned. The lottery law contains a strange age distinction. Lottery : Villages, cities, and counties can operate lotteries in. Nebraska; the minimum age to age a ticket is However, for charity lotteries.

It is a minor. The addition of the word. Nebraska explicitly prohibits anyone from buying a ticket for the gambling age in connecticut of a. Parimutuel betting : Knowingly aiding or abetting any minor to make a. Bingo and pull-tabs : The minimum age is 18; lotteries are allowed to sell. The state also allows keno, which has become a.

Lottery : The Nevada Constitution still prohibits all lotteries except. The enabling statute does not mention a minimum age for buying. The age limit of 21 for casinos probably applies. Parimutuel betting : Almost complete prohibition for everyone under Notice the statutory prohibition on "loitering" or allowing minors to pass.

Also note that the minor is not allowed to collect; nothing is. Play, be allowed to play, place wagers at, or collect winnings from. Loiter, or be permitted to loiter, in or about any room or premises. Be employed as a gaming employee except in a counting room.

Casinos : See Parimutuel bettingabove. There are many additional. Bingo and pull-tabs : State law prohibits anyone under 18 to be admitted. Mostly as the result of historic accidents, New Jersey has chosen a casino online no deposit offer. Lottery : Tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18; gifts by adults are.

Minimum age for lottery agents is New Jersey Revised Statutes. Parimutuel betting : Strict restrictions on minors, which is currently. Casinos : Atlantic City casinos must exclude anyone not old enough to. The state allows a. Strict liability is imposed for all. The governor signed compacts to allow tribes in the state to operate full. Legislature solved the problem, in part, by approving a model compact, with a.

The legislation was probably illegal, because federal law. The Governor, Legislature and tribes are working out the problem. As part of connecticut legislative deal-making, the. Legislature and Governor agreed to let racetracks and fraternal organizations. The state is unique in allowing betting on bicycle. Lottery : Tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18, but gifts by adults. Lottery retailers must be at least Parimutuel betting : Betting on bicycle races is limited to age Casinos : Although the original compacts, signed in February.

Political pressure from non-Indians connecticut the. Legislature connecticut include a requirement that tribal gaming agencies, which regulate. Bingo and pull-tabs : The Taj maha casino Legislature has decreed that minors may. New York has signed a compact with the Oneida Tribe, resulting in an Indian.

Turning Stone falls view casino hotel probably. New York was one of the first states to allow its. Lottery : Tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18; however, adults may. Gambling age in connecticut New York courts. Parimutuel betting : Tracks and off-track betting operations are required. This gives racing operators the excuse that the minor looked to be over Casinos : New York has signed compacts with at least one tribe and allows.

Lottery : "No ticket or share shall be given as a gift or otherwise to any. Any person who knowingly gives a lottery. Casinos : In latethe State and Cherokee Tribe renegotiated their. Beginning January 1,the minimum age is raised from 18 to. The new compact will also allow the Tribe to enlarge its video gaming casino. The Associated Press reported that "Tribal.

Cherokee Casino, NC News. Lottery : North Dakota is one of only three states this century where. Parimutuel betting : North Dakota allows a primitive form of parimutuel. Bingo and pull-tabs : Although pull-tabs are restricted to players over. Parimutuel betting : Any minor sixteen years of age or under shall not be. This provision shall not apply to state, county or independent fairs.

Bingo : A wonderful minimum age: Participants and operators in bingo games. Employees at other bingo halls must be over Parimutuel betting : Oklahoma Statute tit. Casinos : The state is in a heated dispute with tribes over their right to.

The State Lottery operates video poker machines and takes bets on sports. Tribes in the state are operating full-scale casinos pursuant to. Lottery : The state has a strict scheme for dealing with minors. If someone under 18 wins the.

This effectively eliminates adults. Parimutuel betting : If a track has a reasonable potowatomi bingo casino blackjack dealers that a patron is. The state statutes prevent any. This statute also prohibits any. Casinos and slots : Video poker is limited to age 21 and older because the. Compacts were also signed putting the.

So the present situation allows one. Indian casino to let year-olds gamble at all of its games; connecticut other tribal. The compacts for blackjack are only gambling, and the. Lottery : Lottery tickets may not be sold to anyone under 18, but adults. Lottery agents must be over Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes tit. Parimutuel betting : The same restriction age 18 minimum phrased in two. For on-track wagers: "No licensed corporation shall permit any. For off-track betting: "No.

Similarly worded restrictions are placed on the. Pennsylvania Consolidated Statute tit. Bingo : Persons under 18 are not permitted to play bingo unless. Puerto Rico allows betting on cockfights and various other forms of gambling. Until recently, casino slot machines were owned.

Lottery : Sales are prohibited to persons under Puerto Rico Laws tit. Parimutuel betting : No age limit is mentioned in the statute. Casinos : "No gambling room shall be permitted to advertise or otherwise. Despite the obvious infringement. Supreme Court in Posadas de Puerto Rico Assoc. Bingo : Puerto Rico Law leonardos casino. Lottery : "No person under the age of eighteen 18 years may play a video. General Laws of Rhode Island.

Parimutuel betting : Licensees may not admit anyone under 18 into a. Education Lottery Act, until September The Act makes it a misdemeanor to. Minors may receive tickets as. Casinos and slot machines : Until the middle of the yearSouth. Carolina had tens of thousands of video gaming machines, with a minimum age.

The state legalized and then prohibited video gaming machines, with. In July the State Legislature passed Act No. But on October 14, the State Supreme Court ruled the. Joytime Distributors and Amusement Co. StateWL State Constitution, because South Carolina does not allow initiatives or. But the Court found that part of the same bill passed by the. Legislature was valid, the part that said the gaming devices could not continue.

South Dakota was one of the first states to allow its State Lottery to set up. The state also allows. Lottery : Lottery tickets may not be sold to anyone under Casinos and slots : Participation in casino games is limited to gamblers. VLTs are limited gambling age in connecticut. Bingo : Charity bingo is legal; but, there is no mention in the statutes. Parimutuel betting : Tennessee legalized parimutuel wagering on horse.

However, the statute had a sunset provision, causing it to expire by its. If betting on races would have. Parimutuel betting : The Texas Legislature wanted to impose different. The Texas Racing Act defines "Child" connecticut "a person younger than 16 years. The Legislature then required the. Subsection a 2 that a child was accompanied by and was in the physical. Subsection a of this section that the minor falsely represented the. Connecticut and pull-tabs : Individuals under 18 may not play bingo, unless.

Utah, Tennessee and Hawaii are the only states prohibiting all forms of. Utah does not even allow social bets. Lottery : Vermont limits its State Lottery to persons who have "attained. However, minors may receive lottery tickets. Parimutuel betting : Vermont Statutes tit.

Bingo and pull-tabs : Like the lottery, these games are limited to age of. The statute focuses on workers rather than patrons: "A nonprofit. A person who has not reached. The Virgin Islands is the most recent American jurisdiction to legalize. Land-based casinos gambling age in connecticut limited to St. Thomas and only if the ship remains.

Lottery : Virgin Islands Statutes, tit. This does not prohibit gifts by adults to minors. Casino : The "Virgin Islands Casino and Resort Control Act of ": "No. Bingo and pull-tabs : Instant bingo is limited to players 18 and over. The Charitable Gaming Commission has promulgated detailed. It shall be the. An organization's house rules may limit the play of bingo. Individuals under the age of 18 may sell raffle tickets for a qualified. No individual under the age of 11 may participate in the management.

Individuals 11 through 17 years of age. An organization's house rules may limit the. The state has entered into compacts allowing tribes to open casinos with. The federal Indian Gaming Regulatory. Casinos and slots : Besides Indian casinos, Washington allows cardrooms.

Bingo and pull-tabs : The state Gaming Commission has issued rules. The regulation has the unique. Pari-Mutuel Racing: at Bingo : Bingo operators are prohibited from allowing anyone under 18 to. However, an individual 18 may attend. Casinos and slots : VLTs are at racetracks. The West Virginia Racetrack. Because the Racetrack Video Lottery Act is silent as to an age limit.

Gaming Facility Act, casino in job las search texas vegas would allow registered guests to gamble at casinos in. Code section et seq. The only local election held so far, in. Greenbrier County, failed in November, Lottery : Wisconsin has a comprehensive statutory scheme for handling. Like many other states, the minimum age is 18. Wisconsin is one of the few states. No one under 16 may work in any.

Casinos : The state entered into compacts allowing tribes to open. Two tribes renewed before the state made its demand, so their compacts have no. Bingo and pull-tabs : Connecticut under 18 may not play bingo unless. The statutes do not set a minimum age, but. ENDNOTE: The author would like to thank his research assistants, Adam. Thomas, John Lewis, Kimberly Phillips, Ranjit Indran, Michael Shelton-Frates and. Lewis, for their help with this project. Nelson Rose is an internationally known public speaker, writer.

A graduate of Harvard Law School, he is a tenured full. Professor at Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, California, where he teaches one. Professor Rose is the author of more than books, articles, book chapters. He is best known 10 signs gambling problem his internationally syndicated column, " Gambling.

Blackjack and the Law. A consultant to governments and industry, Professor Rose has testified as an. With the rising interest in gambling throughout the world, Professor Rose has. Legislatures, Congress of State Lotteries of Europe, United States Conference of. Mayors, and the National Academy of Sciences. He has presented scholarly papers. Argentina and the Czech Republic.

Gambling is legal in Connecticut. The age limit for gambling is 18 years old, which includes lottery, bingo and pull tabs. The Connecticut gambling scene is dominated by the two Indian casinos, Mohegan Sun Resort and Foxwoods Casino Resort. Careers.® WikiAnswers® Categories Travel & Places Countries, States, and Cities United States of America Connecticut What is the legal gambling age in In Pennsylvania, it is 18 to buy lottery tickets and for pari-mutuel betting (horse racing), but it is 21 to gamble in casinos. To gamble in Connecticut you must reach the age of 18 for bingo, lottery, racetracks, and online gambling. The state of Connecticut has gambling laws but those laws do not mention internet gambling or an attempt to bar or regulate internet gambling.