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To get to Delaware Park you may turn right after the first light.

After saying 8x we were done, she finds this and says I said I would send the limo to pick you up when I win I'll meet u on the green line. Won a few dollars at the roulette table!! Getting ready barona casino job fair head south!! Stay thirsty my friends!! I love the non smoking part. The breakfast is delicious and it is made fresh every minute.

I hope they can Bill a hotel there so I can stay over night. This park is terrible i always play the slots where of u get tl2 bonus it spins to give u a chance for the 3 well ot takes over 70 dollars playing 30 cents to get a bonus and most of the time pay out is 5 dollars now they have tighten the machines even harder i got 17 second chance spins with not even the 3 … bonus showing and they made a mistake and gave me 3 bonus at once and can u believe this dollars in the hole and for 15 free spins i got 25 cents bonus feed out one spin gave me 5 cents the other gave me 20 so thats 13 spins that paid nothing so my total bonus was 1.

And i sot and watch other players omg a man lost over hundred dollars playing max bet he never got one bonus and got only 2. They give crap for benefits! I would rather go to Harrahs in Chester, at least of I lose money there I have tons of benefits in Vegas or Atlantic City!

You will be lucky of they give you an ice scraper for the winter time as a gift! They have had the same black lady on the screen for 3 years winning a jackpot! You put money in the machines and you deleware park casino be lucky to get any play … or fun out of them! They have destroyed the ticketed entertainment industry in Delaware by being GREEDY deleware park casino providing SHIT for entertainment and offering it for free! Worst Jew infested shit hole ever. Not to mention, If your not black on welfare, or asian, you can forget about winning anything here!

Delaware Park and Casino Review. Delaware Park is a multi-faceted gaming facility located at Delaware Park Boulevard, in Wilmington, Delaware. Delaware Park Casino. Казино · Соединённые Штаты Америки, Делавэр, Уилмингтон. Это место посетил 26 человек. Delaware Park is one of three Delaware casinos. It is located in Wilmington, a large Northern Delaware city. The park features horse racing and a 78, square foot casino.