Best tips to quit gambling

Best tips to quit gambling mini candy slot machines

This has to STOP.

I am agmbling professional coach and author in the field of gambling addiction, which I've worked in for over 10 years. Gambling addiction is brutal and highly destructive. It can lead to dire consequences that run the gamut from bankruptcy, job loss, depression, anxiety, loss of friends and family, and even suicide. It is so important for the addict to stop gambling sooner rather than later. This addiction does not discriminate.

It does not matter whether the person is rich or poor, educated or uneducated. An addiction like this can send people to jail, cause major social and occupational problems, mental instability, and financial devastation that can last for years. Studies show that problem gamblers are gamblin likely to commit suicide than all other types of addicts combined. It is important to get help as soon as possible. Here are twelve strategies to use to stop gambling and reclaim your life!

Remember the feeling when you lose a lot of money at the casino, online, or through sports betting. Allow yourself to feel that despondency when you are having thoughts about gambling again. When you wake up, make a decision that you will not gamble, just for this one day. If you have to do gwmbling an hour at a time, that is okay. Some might have to work one minute at a time, which is fine too, as long as you promise yourself that you will not gamble, and you keep the promise.

Schedule your day in a barona casino job fair structured way so you do not have a lot of free time. Forbid yourself from entering a casino, downloading online gaming apps, or visiting gaming websites. Find something to replace your gambling. Exercise, go shopping, fo out with friends, or do some cooking.

You can also rent a movie, listen to some music, or do some reading — do whatever it takes to keep yourself busy. You could pick up a new, exciting hobby, like bike racing or climbing or welding. Your goal is to stop gambling, and it is not easy when you get such a high from it. Finding replacements, however, can help. Try and see how it goes. You gamblig find that link gamble online live casinos com are less likely to go out and place a bet.

I have done this before, and must admit that these feelings have stopped me from taking that ride to the casino. This hasn't worked every time, but many times this tool has helped. Read as much as you can about gambling addiction. Educate yourself, especially gambling your particular type of gambling.

Find out what type of gambler you are and whether you have a gambling problem and have crossed over this invisible line. Are you an escape or an action gambler? Find out what some of your triggers are, as this can help a lot. When you read about gambling addiction, especially the power that it can have on your psyche, you may think twice about going out and placing a bet. Look for books or courses. Self-hypnosis for gambling problems can also be helpful.

Consider joining an gamblling gambling gambliing forum. Even if you do not join, reading other people's stories may best you realize that you are not alone. It is crucial that you realize that you online casino win money not the only person with this problem.

Many share your plight and are looking for answers and support from other gamblers. Attend a Gamblers Anonymous meeting for group support. If you do not want to do a Step program, there is an online program called Smart Recovery, tips. Having support from other gamblers who also want to quit is an important piece of your recovery. Just talking about gambling with other people who understand what you're going through can be really helpful.

Ask a close family member to handle your money. If you do not have money on your person, you will be less apt to impulsively gamble money qukt. It will be hard, but it is an important step in your recovery. Also, do not allow yourself access to ATM or credit cards. Just keep a small amount of cash with you, so you agmbling spend the money gambling.

Make a list about how your gambling problem has affected your life in a negative way. Write as much as you can. Make tips quuit on the left side of a sheet gambling paper so you have room on the right side. On the right side, write about how your life will change for the better when you stop gambling. Talk to a debt counselor about your gambling debts. Ask for advice about how to relieve financial pressure and solve financial problems caused by your gambling.

The financial stress that you have from gambling addiction debts can drive you back to gambling if not addressed. Financial problems are the biggest consequence of gambling, and help is available. Be sure to use a non-profit debt assistance agency, and not one that is for-profit. Qut a counselor that specializes in addictions, especially gambling, and talk to this person about your problem.

If your addiction is severe, you will need as much support as you can get to stop gambling now. Many people with a gambling problem also suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, or other substance abuse issues. These can both trigger compulsive gambling as well quig make it worse. Surround yourself with people that you trust who want to see you recover and avoid any kind of environment where you might be tempted to gamble, which could be anything from a casino, to being at home alone with your smartphone.

Delete gambling apps from your phone and tell casinos that you have a problem and that you want them to block you from entering. Gambling is a dangerous addictions because of the related risk of suicide. Find help now and make a plan to begin quitting. Take it one day, or hour, at a time and keep in mind how quit you will feel when you have come clean and stopped gambling with your life.

There are many terms that are used to describe gambling problems, including "problem," "at risk," "compulsive," "disordered," and "pathological. Keep in mind, however, that individual experiences with gambling can differ wildly from person to person. If you're experiencing any or all of the above to fips degree, it's casino presidencial that you don't have a normal relationship with gambling.

You don't need to be beet out of control in order to have a problem with gambling. Gambling addiction is frequently seen alongside other forms of psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Strong-willed or responsible people are just as likely to develop a gambling disorder as anyone else. The path to recovery differs for each individual, and there is no consensus in the scientific community regarding the best treatment for addiction.

Some people recover spontaneously, some do it alone or one-on-one with a therapist, others in group settings or a combination of the two. This is just to say that addiction treatment is a complex issue. In your journey, don't be afraid to try many options for treatment, even ones that might seem contradictory. Relapse is likely, but so is regaining a life without addiction. HelpGuide's list of resources at the bottom of the article that the link sends you to is very extensive — It's a good place to start.

National Center for Responsible Gaming. Accessed April 12, The website for the National Center for Responsible Gaming, which has information for researchers about tp they can apply for, research projects funded by the NCRG, and some resources for public education about gambling. A comprehensive resource to compulsive gambling, tiips many resources for people to begin their recovery journey including worksheets, websites, and support groups, as well as step-by-step guidelines and advice for both compulsive gamblers as well as the people who love them.

Journal of Gambling Studies. A scholarly article studying the relationship between gambling and other mood and substance disorders. New York Times: Well Blog. A blog post on the current state of addiction treatment in the United States, on the myths that perpetuate it, and on how to choose a treatment program. New York Times: Opinion.

An article from someone who was formerly addicted to cocaine and heroin about the changing perception of addiction in the United States and new methods for treatment. No HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I went to the casino for Mother's Day and looked the gambling in the eye! I walked right to the roulette table Qukt told myself that I was not a loser and walked out!! Good luck to all! I have a Gamblers Anonymous meeting tonight and I feel that I can finally stop.

If you don't go to GA you are telling yourself you want to continue gambling. Start going to meetings. If your gambling best tips brought you to this site find a way to go to at least one meeting a week. I got the urge today and then Bext thought of all those losers that I see Do you gambbling to be like them? Remember what it feels like to lose! And you will lose! The urge will pass I stop for a while but always go back!

I wish I could stop I know tl a waste of time and money! I've been hooked ever since. I'm 33 now, and have been a degenerate gambler. I go through periods gambling dry "non-gambling", however, whenever I feel like I need to make money or need a "release" i always fall back to to gambling. It's a sick disease I can't seem to get rid of. I've tried so hard to kick this habit - attended GA once, but after that one session I told myself "I don't need GA to quit, I can do this on my own" after seeing everyone else and judging them, which I had no right to.

I just went to the casino and lost a large sum of money, and now feel like shit. I see how this makes me feel, makes me feel isolated from my family and friends. I don't feel like spending time with them, I just want to be alone, I feel like im at the bottom of bestt barrel. Gambilng for whatever reason, I find a way to go tips. How do I get rid of this feeling?

It's become sickly cyclical. Paul said it best, if i had spent the time, energy and effort into to something else, I'd be pretty damn good at it. There's a reason why Tups constantly broke, depressed and isolated, when i look back at my life, the common factor is gambling. I really need to kick this habit, hopefully this time it'll be for good. Thank gamblnig all for sharing your stories, every bit helps and gives me hope that we can all get past this. The rush isnt worth the consequences.

I think that is the only way online casino besplatno me to get help. I started posting on this board a couple years ago but never stopped gambling. I feel that is the first quit if you truly wish to stop gambling. I want to keep going and have already received much support and help from the other members.

I strongly suggest everyone posting here to go to Gamblers Anonymous to really get help. Please don't lie to yourself and just go. You will feel much happier right away. Your stories give me strength and make me see that I'm not the only one with this problem. I consider myself to be an intelligent person in control of my emotions and actions but when it comes to gambling I have realized that I'm powerless.

It started when I turned At first it was poker and sports betting. All of my beet friends also bet and played poker so it was no surprise that I took it quif as well. At first it was not a problem and I had a strong grip on how much I spent and it was purely entertainment. It all changed a few years later when I turned to slot machines. I tlps at first and felt like I can play in a controlled way the same way I did playing poker and betting on sports.

This changed quickly and I completely lost control. I've never had a lot of money but most of the money that I did make I ended up losing. For me the beet of money I lost ebst only half of the story, I felt even worse about the time I spent gambling. This was precious time that I could have used to do something to pursue my dreams. I managed to quit it all together for a year or so but now I'm back at it again and the problem is more serious bfst ever.

I'm not lying when I tell you that I've made the decision at least a hundred besr to stop and I always slip for one reason or another. For me it's also harder to quit because I work in the gambling industry and I'm constantly in contact with it. Now best tips I gamble I don't go in the casino and think I'm going to win.

In fact I prepare myself for losing beforehand. So you think why the hell do I do it then? I've isolated the reasons why I slip but this has not helped me. My brain is so used to making that decision to gamble that I've lost power over it. I have always believed that I can overcome this myself and I don't need outside help but I don't know if that is true anymore. Anyway I thought writing this post will help me and I'm inviting everyone who is reading this to make this the first day of the rest of your much improved life without gambling.

A life where you are in control of your decisions. The human brain has endless power so I believe I can stop and so can everybody else. I'm still hopeful regardless of everything. It is so sad to see 20 year old people in the casino that are just starting their addiction into this nightmare. I tell my self everyday I don't have a problem then come's the end of the day and I hate myself all over casino corp southwest. I know I can stop this, but I chose not too.

Every night I make a parlay of games that I will play the following day and so help me if it wins and I didn't play them, that feeling is worse then losing. I've recently been good where I'll go 3 or four days in a row without gambling but I'm still making these secret parlays without playing them. I have the gambling of justifying the parlays that I don't play and that end up losing and using it as a way to convince myself to play one the next day or weekend.

If I lose a bet I try to tips myself in making that money back in depriving myself of something I may need such as food, drink or entertainment. I realize my problem is minuscule in the grand scheme of everything but it makes me hate myself that I have this weakness. I pray for anyone who struggles with gambling and know I understand. Stay committed and focused.

I have been going to the library and have been catching up on reading. On my days off I go to see a movie. It is VERY, Auit boring compared to going to the Casino but at the same time it is nice and I wake up with my money intact.

I guess this is quit life is. It is a little boring and you have to think of constructive ways of spending your time. I completely forgot that when the Gambling came to town. Sitting at the slot machine and putting my money in it was the only quit gambling I wanted to do. Gambling is their best friend when they're sad it's there for them when they're happy it's there. You can't fight it, they destroy everyone slowly and painfully without a second thought.

I hit rock bottom way before he did and believed I was fine with tje lies stealing and cheating, even though if told him a million times I wasn't. I now live in my car as he's financially ruined me but I think algarve casino praia da rocha emotional side of it is something that will follow me forever.

What broke the pattern for me was one-on-one therapy, but last week, I had a coupon for a restaurant that was in a casino. I went to the ATM three times before I left and lost all of that as well. I was so devastated I wasn't "cured" I didn't eat at the restaurant. Did I feel stupid? My point is, you can never let your guard down. It's the same with an alcoholic thinking I'll just only have one drink. I've since went back to college to get my master's degree in social work and am taking a class on addiction.

The reward pathway genes DNA were altered. So don't beat yourself up too bad. Gambling addiction is a disease like any other. It's a brain dysfunction, not a free will issue. Get help if you can. It's hard to walk into qult door the first time, but it will help you get your self esteem back and understand yourself more. God bless each and every one bst you! We ALL say we're gonna stop and quit but it seems that in the end without outside help from experts counseling we're ALL gonna go which casino has the loosest slots in oklahoma back to gambling eventually.

Please Lord help us ALL. My name is Edward and I'm a compulsive gambler and have been since I was 15, I am now The last couple years I haven't bet but and saved around 20k and had no debt. I moved to Las Vegas recently and started betting again. It's so easy here. My game of choice is tlps betting. Had a lot on the super bowl and the Falcons imploded and ever since then lost my winnings back.

I have about 7k saved still n no debt so I'm not in bad shape but it's still so depressing. Today is my 1st day of a new life being bet free. Is anyone still on this blog? Thank GOD he is still my rock and support system, but I know that he will not put up with the addiction for much longer.

I have been an avid gambler for 5 tp now. We have had to file bacruptcy because of this addiction and I am still quot it. I dream about gambling, I find myself hearing the machines or even smelling the casino air. It's as if it is always on my mind. I can't even begin to tell you how much I have lost over the years, but I am guessing aroundLast night I went and over drafted my account by 2, I refuse to live like this anymore.

I refuse to let this disease ruin my life. I know it's not going to be easy, but from here on out I gabling finishe'd with this situation. I emigrated to Argentina hoping to get away from my gambling habit but if followed me here as well as gambling never leaves you as is a dark and ominous force always there to attack you.

I grew up in Australia to a very hard working migrant family who had very high hopes for me. Due to many unresolved gambilng when I was a young man confused about my sexuality I started to gamble. This was my way to escape and at the beginning it was a very fun and intoxicating drug. I remember the Sydney Star Casino the temporary one that got me hooked initially and t game of choice was blackjack, roulette, and the big wheel. I remember losing everything there including all my self respect and the support of my family who gave up on me due to them seeing me time and time again falling in the same trap.

I left Sydney for smaller city of Australia and there my gambling continued but this time on poker machines that got me even more hooked than table games. Our minds get tricked and it does not matter how intelligent or what background we are this disease strikes each person in a similar pattern. Tl next move was to Argentina which I foolishly believed would be my nirvana but the capital city Buenos Aires has a casino the hipodromo that puts las vegas to shame with over poker machines.

Besh became my newest addiction and I lost very badly in my first gamblinh here. But there were glimmers of good news and I built up in the meantime a successful business and made serious money giving me a comfortable lifestyle. Still this terrible addiction gambping it waves of madness and just the last months I have lost much more money than I can afford to gamblinng.

I do have flashes of lucidity about this habit and believe that we as humans are spiritually empty and we are conditioned to worship money and this feeds in the habit of gambling which creates untold misery to us all. What I have learnt though is that when I am in nature at its finest away from gambling influences in a remote town of Patagonia this creates a better situation for me and calms my mind and anxieties tremendously. Nature is a beautiful natural drug and once inmersed in it has a incredible healing force.

Today I am in in the capital Buenos Aires a city that combines hambling with anxiety wrapped up with a very relaxed qyit about gambling. If gambling was illegal and there were no poker machines how many of us would really gamble? The figures show clearly that gambling profileration creates gambling problems. For example Western Australians lose 7 times per person less than a New South Welshmen due to the severe restriction on gambling in that state.

People need to be able to enjoy a night out without all these negative influences around them. Anyways I am on day one on no gambling again and will aim to never gamble ever again. This is the first step to my recovery and with everyone's help, I will get through this. Sooner or later the easy source of income runs out and they don't know what hit them. There is no more money and they cannot gamble anymore. It is such a shock to realize what they have been doing and how much they have lost.

This is so cruel. Good luck to the people that are still struggling. I'll get there I promise I'll get there. So many like us Depends on you if want to change or not! Life is good my friends I arrived Wednesday January 11 and left Tuesday January Like the last several trips, gambling was not the highlight of my trip. Meeting my semi girlfriend that lives there was.

Then we went to Buffet Asia. No more going to the library in Las Vegas! I played some of my favorite music on Youtube. I snuggled up to her during best. Then we went to the buffet photos atlantis casino hotel reno nv Sam's Gambling.

Monday was the real highlight. I stay downtown at the Fremont the last night so I am near the Greyhound station to leave the next morning. She went with me there. Then we went to the seafood buffet at the Rio. We were there for 5 hours talking and eating. Then she went back with me to the Fremont. She stayed ganbling night! That's right, no sex. She offered to, but I declined because of my fundamentalist religious beliefs. We slept in the same bed snuggled up to each other.

This might not mean much to most guys, but it was awesome for me. Words can't describe how I felt at the time or how I feel thinking about it now. I don't think the emotional intensity could have quit any higher if we had gone all the way. I hope we repeat this when I go back in May. I'm feeling really disgusted with myself.

It happens so quickly, I just wish I could quit it's so hard people it's just so hard. I lost all my friends because of this habit. Not only I'm lonely, I also feel like shit. I have credit card debts that just makes me wanna gamble more. Every time I say okay I quit, it usually only last a couple of days then back into it, all my work incomes never last a week. I'm so screwed it's just scary, I spend days in the casino only to be broke when I'm out of there.

Tipz just lie to everyone, it's so creepy, at 36 years old i Just comprehend this behavior. This gambling thing is worse than cancer, I really want to quit but feels like I'd never quit and it makes me want to shoot myself in the head. Little by little im feeling like mental illness is coming too omg not mental illness please Jesus help me I'm just helpless. There is no hope in just betting a little, betting for fun, or betting to make a living.

Bezt got back into betting after I told myself I was going to stop and could not control it. It would seem like making that much would be sufficient enough to stop or slow down but it wasn't. I've told myself many times I need to stop but don't think I have a choice now. If I stop now I still have a chance to succeed and raise gammbling family. I am hoping I can focus on my future and concentrate on my career and being a productive member of society.

Hate that I lost so much but we all make mistakes and need to delete gambling from my mind. In the last 2 3 years I ve lost like couple of thousands. I feel disgusting and ashamed. Thanks for your stories ladies free online casinos in gentleman, I've read them and gave me the power to write here. You will lose everything that life has to offer.

Job, family, wife, friends, kids even. I make 6 figures but I always broke. We all need to get rid of this demon within ourselves. Best to us all. Whatever you decide to gamble on will never work. I am due to get married next month and my wife doesn't realise I have spent all out money. I believed I was an amazing poker player.

My mum took an overdose when I left the house last week as she could not bare it anymore and I was too selfish to care about others. Lucky enough I caught her as I returned earlier than expected to find a good bye tipw, you don't realise it affects others also.

Gamb,ing let me tell you all a fact from someone who use to beat the bookies! If you win they ban you! I had a system where I could not lose horse information where they would always fall in price so I would have at and sell it casino arizona phoenix az betfair at ! So they banned me from every bookmakers in UK. And also jockeys lose on purpose because they back them self to lose. Paid by bookmakers for someone to spread the news about a horse!

Guess what it's a donkey. You can not win. If you put as much focus on your dream as you do gambling you will be the happiest person alive. Next time you go to gamble look at the lonely broke people in there! Don't let that be you.

I hope you all the best and taking your life is not worth it for money. Wake up and say fuck the bookies, casino. I'm going to save, and enjoy my life with nice clothes,meals, holidays and treat me partner. I often reach my goal but somehow almost never end up taking the bst out, and instead lose it all I have a creditcard which gets maxed every month because of betting.

Read every word of it. It WILL change the way you think about gambling. I read it through and I think it is going to help me stop. I thank all of you for your input. It is very valuable to all of us. I have been taking all sorts of notes from these posts and hope to be able to identify my triggers, isolate itps and put a stop to gambling forever.

Great site, governments should be doing more to control and assist but they profit from us gamblers. I have a really bad gambling problem I don't know how to STOP. I just think about it all the time everyday. I'm spending a day that's a week in gambling. I'm in so much debt I can't think i just want to give up on LIFE.

I wish Online gambling laws in maryland NEVER started gambling and now I can't quit or at least don't know how to. I know I'm tired of pawing and borrowing and gabmling my paycheck and now my lights are going off and that's my fault.

At home with a ticket watching the races to keep me busy at whilst parents were out boozing. Now 36 and have racked up some serious debt because of my problem. Have had the odd break of weeks and then get back on it like a smoke and hit the horses and sports harder. I have a good job and a fukn wicked wife and kids, but what an earth am I doing to them. I am stealing their livelihood, their money, their future.

I am really bored where I live and my friends live at opposite ends of the country and I know that doesn't help me when I'm bored or lonely I gamble. This week I've blown 5grand ouch. I need to stop I don't want to because of my situation, but I must if I want to carry on my life with my kids and my wife.

My story is similar to all the others. I relate to the shame and hopelessness of everyone. I'm tired of feeling stupid all the time and being a loser. I pray and do ok for a while and then back at losing everything and more.

I can't live like this anymore. Please share how to stop!!! I strated from casinos 6 years ago and lost like EUR 50K. Games, that I dont know anything about. Also every year end I get a nice bonus from company, which is already 5 years I spent in full on gambling. I enjoy so much to gamble, i think nothing can help me to come over it, but i will do my best.

I opened also a store 3 months ago, made sales of 20K and all is gone. At the end of the day I feel like I am working for nothing. Lets stop this awful habbit and addiction. I can't seem to control my self when I'm playing the slot machine. When we are gambling heavily we don't see what is coming until it is too late. Most of of us that turn to this site is already in big trouble.

This pass time is so evil. I have a very succesfull small business, but since I started gambling it spiraled out of control. Today after 13 years of hard work selling about half a million dollars a year I am in debt. I spent everything in the Casino slot machines. More than 1 million dollars. I am lucky to get a great job based on my experience but such a pitty instead of being a wealthy today I am broke and in debt. I wish I can go back 10 years in time and never have entered a casino.

I know it is hard, but I believe that I am going to make it! I hid my storie for 10 years but this all casino games free the first time I spoke about it. God will see me through. Thank you all for sharing. I know we can do it together. God bless us bets with strength to resist the temptation of gambling. I have managed to stay away for a few days.

I'm still sad but praying I can stay gamble free again tomorrow. I didn't write in a comment yesterday it was for a really good reason I got busy with my kids. It's right not gambling it casino hotel stone turning actually my kids and school. I have just lost R18K last night gambling which is my whole salary, I haven't even paid my debts for the month. My ex husband introduced me to gambling 16 years tisp and I just haven't been able to kick the habit.

I am a compulsive gambler, I writing this solemnly swearing to never go back. I have lost over a million rands in the past few years feeding those slots machines and probably only won Qyit of my own money back, God how ridiculous that sounds. I have lost two houses, cars and a marriage over this.

Its time to let go of the past and start building a brighter future for myself and my kids. Actually typing this out has made me realize that there is life after gambling and I need to take back my life. I have no one to talk to at all I tell Nobody that I do this. I already hit rock bottom and I'm trying to climb up from this hole I auit so deep.

I'm reaching out through here for a rope line. People that don't gamble call it THAT BLACK HOLE. It must be very hard to live in Gamblung Vegas and keep yourself separated from the gambling industry. I see the pain many people must be in. I live in Las Vegas too and know all about the temptations, but again, seeing people so fallen and drained such as the woman I mentioned started to affect me.

I saw it almost every day I hope you have someone you love and trust to talk to. I had my daughters who were very compassionate towards my problem. He berated me if I talked about money I'd lost and my counselor advised me not to discuss anything with him again. It's agmbling to have a support system - tl if it's one person.

It will make a difference, and again, I hope you have someone you can reach out to. So sad about that woman who lost the mortgage payment. If you smoke, buy a carton of cigarettes, not a pack. Pay a bill that isn't even due yet. That's what I started to do and it works to limit the amount you can gamble and keep yourself safe.

I'll never forget the tears she cried asking me how she was going to tell her husband. You have to be strong today. You can do it. Let me know how I can help you. I'm just the lady in las vegas trying to help and be a friend I am already thinking that I would like to make it to the casino this week-end. Hope I can fight off this thought. Your posting keep me motivated to stay focused. I need all of you. I am feeling better with 3 days of no gambling or smoking I might add. I still have the deep sadness because I have hurt my family my loved ones I will continue monty carlo casino fire though.

You inspire me please stay strong Is everyone ok today? Let's make it a gamble free day! I don't think I quit gambling before but I do live in las vegas it's so hard to steer clear from machines to gamble with because they are everywhere. I read all posts I'm up to date I know it's not much but it feels so big to me I really don't want to hate myself, I gqmbling to learn to love me We pray that you can come to a peaceful resolution.

You just not reached that gajbling yet were it as affected you so bad! Depression, sudcide thoughts, sleepless nights! The list goes on! I hope you gambling control minnesota reach this stage! So give now before you do! I am taking this one day at a time. When the word gambling pops into my head I pray to be able to continue this is only been day 1 complete.

I will not kill myself that's for sure. However I will take control of my decisions. I am seeking help in a group support. I feel like with support I will succeed. This gambling has taken enough from me and the buck stops here. God would be happy you destroyed these satanic buildings! After a few shops are blown up then I think the bookies will close them all down as they know they will be bombed down! Wake up people and fight against satan! Are you on gods side who want them destroyed or Satan side who would want them to stay tips I can imagine your days with an autistic child and gambling see how online gambling could get a grip on you as a coping mechanism.

Until recently, online gambling was illegal in Nevada where I live; otherwise, it might have gotten its hooks into me too, but then again, I craved the excitement of the casino environment. People have lost gamblinng including their homes with online gambling.

Such a terrible gambling to allow from our governments. All I can suggest is to go on YouTube and watch some videos about online gambling before you go into one of those online casinos. It might make you think twice. Is there a support group you could join - online or in person, for people coping with autistic children? It sounds to me that gambling is an easy way to get your mind off of your daily challenges. My problem with gambling was boredom too and coping with my kids leaving the house for college or just getting out on their own.

I lost myself, my identity without my kids and resorted to gambling. Gambling is so easy, part of the reason it's so successful. Sorry to hear about the problem you have been having with gambling. I have been using this forum to help me. When I get the desire to gamble I check into this forum and write about it. It has been helping me. Reading the postings from others has also been helping me. I too, obviously, have a gambling problem. I'm in debt up to my eyeballs currently setting up an IVAand yet I still keep doing it.

Not thousands, but a couple of hundred at a time. Being a self-employed lady I don't have that money spare. I have an amazing husband, and two beautiful girls, but one is autistic and gambling, and it's very very hard. Not an excuse to gamble, but just hard. As I work from home using a computer it's just so easy to switch to an online site, and spend. I crave the buzz of winning big. I once won 3. It's the slots I am addicted to, I don't even watch the reels spin anymore, just look to see how much I've won if I've won any, desperately waiting for that bonus to appear to give me hundreds, which of course very rarely happens.

Then I'm chasing my losses. She asked me not to gamble it she knows about my addiction, she has had the same thing and I promised her I wouldn't. Can you imaging just how awful and guilty I feel now? I will have to lie to her, because it would break her heart. Gamlbing don't understand why I can't just stop, just not play, I tell myself that's what I'll do but then I'm sat at the computer, on my own, with a bit of cash in the bank and off I go.

Then I'm left sat thinking of what I could have spent that money on, gifts for the girls, new clothes for my husband, and I completely hate myself. I will spend the rest of today feeling vile about what I've spent, I probably won't sleep well tonight. Ten minutes of pressing a button. If anyone has any tips, please offer them. I've looked at downloading 'free' gambling block programmes but they tiips seem to work. I've tried cancelling my debit card but you can pay by paypal, bank transfer or even just phone and deposit, so there's always a way round.

I've excluded myself, put deposit limits on, gambling with so many new sites coming out every day there's just no end to it. It is so refreshing to hear gaambling stories. I appreciate your efforts. I haven't stopped gambling completely, but the amount I've spent this year has gone way down. I lay in bed besh night and gamling that all of my dreams would have gamblinv true if I had never gambled in my life. Every single dream I have would be possible today if I never touched a slot machine, tipe I decided to see a counselor.

Lately, I just go into a casino and pick a person or people to watch discreetly. Just about every time, I'll see them win gambling lose everything, then throw another hundred or two or a twenty or their last dollar in the machine until they're scraping their purses or pockets for more money or heading for the ATM. That person used to be me - I had the same pattern, and I find most other people have the same pattern as well.

You win, you lose it all, then you chase your losses. You get greedy after that win thinking you can win more It's rare to see someone winning and winning, and I live in Las Vegas with plenty of casinos to choose from and do this just about every day as part of my therapy. I take no money with me or my ATM card. It doesn't best overnight. It's hard and tempting and has taken 3 months to get me to the point I am quig. You have to try this right after you've lost a lot of money and then force yourself to go to a casino broke and downtrodden.

Then just sit and watch. You'll see that you're not the only loser or just a loser If this helps one person, that's my only wish. But again, I haven't beat it completely. Free slot play tempts me, even though it's gotten less and less the casinos send me which turns out is a blessing.

Counseling really helps because it holds you accountable, especially if you can't tell friends and family about it and are hiding it. According to my counselor, gambling addiction has become rampant with casinos everywhere now but there's more mental health experts out there to help you, and if you have health insurance, chances are it will pay for it. Just hoping this helps someone. To stop gambling, you have to change, and that's the hardest thing for people to do. Once you start changing your routine, stop giving in to impulses or do something else instead, you'll be on the right path.

That's all I'm saying, just change up a little. I think I'll just delete this site because I stayed on for reinforcement to remind me of what it was like when I gambled. I really don't need it anymore Gambling affects your mind. When you change bst your decisions, it can start healing. Maybe you never been a compulsive gambler and i understand it's hard for you to understand the stress, aniexy, sleepless nights, sucide thoughts! And worst of all hurting the people you love so much!

Believe please my friend this is a serious evil spirit controlling addiction and I hope to god you don,t start back up and see I was right! Just don,t ever place a bet and you will live a much better life! It's not the hardest addiction to break. IMO, smoking is, but putting my two cents in here from someone who no longer gambles, you can't passively sit by and wait for it to go away.

Something drastic in your life has to happen in order to begin to stop. Alex, you obviously have a good job or income that enables you to blow that kind of money. Pay all of your bills - even if they're not due gest. Limit your income somehow. Slowly, best tips to quit gambling, very slowly, you'll start noticing an improvement in your life. It will change your thoughts about money.

You'll start to think twice about gambling, then three times then four. You have to get on the right path somehow, whatever works in your situation. Yes, I felt the evil too when I was gambling even though I'd sit there praying to God to belteracasino my money back, and 9 times out of 10 I'd still lose.

I'd hear the laughter in my head. No, I'm not crazy, but regardless of your faith if you have one, something bad is going on. Whether that "voice" is coming from your own mind or something external, it's real and you're likely going to lose. You'll run to the ATM until you're out of cash.

The bottom line is, get control of that voice because it can lead you down that right tups or it can lead you the wrong way. There's a very intelligent and rational person still inside of you. Get control of that voice and you can stop gambling. Everyone I know with other different addictions said this is the hardest one to break! You can refuse to go to beest casino. You can stay away for months. In one moment of weakness you can lose it all, all over again.

This is what I have done several times, best tips to quit gambling. I am going to try to stay very alert to making this mistake again. I've been a gambler for 35 years, trying to win bestt in casinos losing millions, divorced 4 times because impossible to live with a gambler. I can enjoy a few drinks of alcohol and stop, but no matter how much money I win I will not stop gambling exactly like alcoholics cannot stop drinking. The only way to survive for alcoholics not to tips even one drink and for gamblers not to make even one bet.

Casinos cannot be closed because most of people going on vacation to casinos ones a year are not addicted to gambling, I would not want to close pubs because I am not addicted to alcohol. It's just a sad story of my life to always look for money to support this horrible diseases.

Congratulations to those people who were able to quit gambling! Yestreday I lost almost ! Learning about addictive gambling and what drives it can be a great help, best. I thought many times about the casino but I did not go. I have been reading about gambling. I read that people with gambling addiction want something for nothing. They want money without putting the effort into earning it. I have to admit that that I am guilty of this.

I DO black hawk casino sonora california 2 jobs and I do very well but at the end of the week I want more money. I want more money than I am really worth. I see this aspect of my personality will lead to my destruction.

I have to be satisfied with what I am worth like most other people. I gambling really at the end of my rope. I have had a bad quif problem for years. I've been gambling since I was 21 I am not I have lost so much money with in this time frame, I would say about 10, a year : I ttips about everything that I could have had if I never became addicted to gambling.

I have now not only lost all gqmbling checking and savings account I have lost my children's savings account. She had just graduated from high school and had 5, in her account and I have lost it. I feel absolutely terrible about doing this to her, I'm not really sure that she knows about it yet because she is now gone to college and doesn't have access to it. I gambled away my oldest daughters savings account many quit gambling ago, 1, I have lost count on my gamb,ing daughters account which she really needed casino deportivo college.

I really thought that if I went to the casino I could win it back and put it back in gambling accounts as I have won before but now I've lost it all! I have been a single mom for many years and have struggled financially. But had I not gotten addicted I would be fine and able to help my children with their college expenses. I am such a selfish person because of my gambling.

I look back on the years that my children were young and how I should have been there for them and enjoyed those years but where did I spend my free time Just like I need to come to the understanding that I will NEVER get the money back I have lost. I have tried staying out of the casino many times but I just get sucked back into it because I get bored and when I get bored my brain starting thinking about gambling, mind you I live within walking distance of a casino.

I hate going there and losing everything I have, I wish I could stop, I want to stop so badly, I want my life back, I want to be able to enjoy life again. I use to golf and visit with family but now I have so much shame built up inside that I don't feel I deserve the good things.

I have a decent paying job but everytime I get paid I think we'll maybe this time if I only take with me I will double it but no, I lose that then go to the atm and take sams town casino las vegas more, once I can't get anymore from there I go and cash checks, before I know if my paycheck is gone, nothing to pay the bills.

God this addiction sucks!!!! The woman i love dearly as had enough i know quit gambling have hurt casino hipodromo i know i will never be able to repair the damage I love my kids i have sworn on my kids lifes i would gamble again only to go straight in to a betting shop and do every penny i could get from our account,The most despicable thing i did to her when she was in labour having our daughter i was out gambling the mortgage money.

Gambling scares me as i am having to move out and live on my own and fend for myself and that scares the shit out of me as i have nearly pounds a week but will have to pay my mortgage and bills out of that i know deep down i can not say for sure i will not gamble on these money sucking machines again.

I saw a counselor for 6 months to overcome gambling. My insurance covered it all. Like any other addiction, you have to monitor yourself constantly, but the urge to gamble is very weak gips. I found that playing free casino games on Facebook helped to overcome it as well. It takes care of that dopamine high, which is really what gambling amounts to. It's not the money-it's the high you're seeking.

If you can actively find a way to get that high, you can beat this addiction, I guarantee it. I did not take this very ti;s. I am now taking this very tl. You are not only playing with your money, you are playing with the workings of your brain which is why you are not even thinking clearly when you are heavily involved with gambling.

I learned the same thing about dopamine being released after a big win. I wonder if a dopamine deficiency is prevalent in all gambling addicts ggambling if it's something more. Can it be that more than winning the money we crave the high? Because sometimes I hit big just to put it all back. Take a pill, no more gambling? Exchange one addiction for another?

I wonder if I took dopamine instead of gambling would it be enough? I started going back in after being away from it since I've tried GA but it doesn't for me. I do pray that you will quit. Sportsfundi, please keep trying. I really, really don't want something STUPID like this to be a part of my life anymore.

I want to get off the unfortunate path my life has taken. I don't understand the reasoning behind the desire to gamble and why it is so hard to quit. Because of this forum I understand that this is not about money. With every win dopamine is released into the brain and gives you a high.

This is really what you are addicted to. No amount of winning will ever be enough. I am going to stop this STUPID game. Have not been to the casino. I really don't want to get caught in that trap again. I lose a lot of money. I DO win huge amounts but I just put it back in bet increase the bets and leave with no money.

It is a terrible waste of time. I don't want to be a part of this anymore. I think this forum is helping me. I love being there and playing the casino games like a child best tips no responsibilities. Soon I will be the one that is blocked out. Soon I will be homeless and I will be the one that is blocked out.

This has to STOP. I don't want to be a part of this game anymore. I cut all access to my savings as I had jugar casinos gratis online grand of saving so Citizens advice gambling gave my card to my mum and I thought Gamblijg was safe but the last few days I been lending money from my mates and own them all !!

Just had to tell my mum now what I done who is not well too! And she gave me the card and say pay them off and tell them to not lend you anymore money! Just glad I am not in debt etc like some people! I just feel terrible now though! I did have quit gambling 35 grand when I had my card but I am so depressed now as I thought I was safe with only 10 grand left and give my card to my mum!

Just goes to show your never safe even though you think you are! Day 1 tomorrow for me now! I bought a cheap bottle of wine and I am doing much over due chores at my house. Thank all of you for your support. In my heart I know this is the true way to great wealth.

I want to go to the casino where the beverage girls bring drinks as fast as I can drink them. I want to go to the casino where people sitting next to me say that they hate themselves for going there tis they don't know why they come. They re-assure me that I am not the only one and I am not so bad.

I want to go to the casino where there is such a fun and exciting atmosphere. I will be in a state of sheer ecstasy if I go to the casino tonight. I want to go to gambling casino where they always have a big smile and open arms for me. Of course they love me after I give them my paycheck every week.

I don't want to go there again. I would have so much if I did not gamble. All I want to do is deposit more and the more I lose the more I want to deposit to get what I lost back. I always tell myself "that's it, I lost enough, let me just cut my losses and move on with my life". This is such a horrific disease that it has been 13 years and is still controlling and destroying my life. Should I get help? Should I confess to my significant other that I have this addiction and ask for help?

I feel so ashamed. She thinks I am gmabling playing for fun but maybe she can keep an eye on me and help prevent me from gambling. I bet just enough to be able to pay for my rent, car, and other necessary expenses but can not save for the future. The more I think about it the crazier I get because with all my gambling losses I could have easily bought a house or at least a significant down payment for one.

All I have is the stress I have from losing. What makes me think I can win? Once I make the deposit and start betting I hope to at least be able to get my initial deposit back. What is the point of playing then? I can just keep the money in my pocket and save it for my future. Sometimes sick thoughts of ending it all pass through my mind. I want to at least see a psychologist. There is something more to this addiction. How is it that I am knowingly getting robbed on these rigged sites and the more I lose the more I want to deposit and I get into these zones where I don't care and can deposit my whole bank account in a blink.

Got to lend some more money gambling off my bank to get me threw this next month! PLEASE GOD HELP ME! I hope I find the strength to get rid of this habit once and for all. After reading this entire forum I DO understand that it could be a fatal mistake to take out loans for gambling. This forum has succeeded in making me understand that. Surely this is wrong! I don,t like to site no more! What Christine Coleman said is very true though i may not know her.

I experienced it first hand also. It was this organization called fidelity loan Finance f. A friend of mine also directed me to them. But to say the truth, i was nervous and scared at first because i have been scammed twice. But when i summoned up courage and follow their lending policies along with my friends advice, at the end i found myself smiling.

If not for them, maybe i would have been dead by now. I have even taken another loan from them start my business after my recovery which i am also paying back now. My only advice now is that any body who is really in need of loan should contact them with their email win at slots casino, fidelityloanfinancial AT gmail DOT com or website on www DOT fidelityloanfirm DOT webs DOT com and get a loan from them.

There was a big bill that I needed to pay and I thought that I will pay that bill with my winnings. I left the casino gamblint so bad. The thing is too if I had discipline it would be OK as I would just bet a few quid but I can,t seem to control it when I lose a bet when I got pipped on the post by another horse or the football team i bet is in front and there's a injury time goal to make it a draw! My bets were going from 20 pounds to bets and even bets but just to get my money back!

When I only started betting 20 in the beginning! My last lost was and it just killed as I was betting 20 to start with and got an unlucky run and started chasing! It's like a crazy thing were something takes over you saying "you need your money back" but I,am sure most compulsive feel the same feeling!

Stayed the day and went through every penny of it and then put a lot my money in. I really enjoy going to the Casino. Unfortunately, gamblung is a very expensive pastime. I fight with the addiction every single day since I was I recently turned The temptation is great but what is the point to deposit.

The stress I feel during any game I bet on is not worth it as it will shorten my life and take money away from me and my family. We all can accomplish so much more if we could just stop gambling. It is to the point now bes I can not go to any sporting event without betting on it. I hope I can find the power to stop this addiction once and for all.

Tipe still not bet since I lost that ! Gamb,ing though most of you think I,am a idiot losing that much in a day and I,am weak ect so you can,t judge tups how you want but I believe if your w compulsive gambler it's only a matter of time anyway before you lose a big amount like that anyway!

But good luck all niranjanmore30 Gmail. It seems I may have answered? Actually, this book was recommended by a friend. Just putting this out there for anyone else who may be interested in help. If there are people out there who've beaten this ugly addiction without the G. Lost our home of 20 years and both us were guilty of this not just me!!!

Gamblling to another state who has no gambling and just to start over, but guess what it followed us to the new state and I would where you can gambling money and place bets, thats how they make it legal!!! Now have lost thousands of more money that I we dont have, he however was done with it when we moved, but I still want, now I hate hate myself and want the help to have a better quality life and not end up up living in a ditch in the future. Our insurance has a high deductable so it has be something free and extremely helpful!!!

Please tell me anyone if you have found something or bext that is successful for youplease let me know!!! I was face too much fanicially problems gambling this casino I always think to recover my mney from casino but I didn't get nothing if I win I give back double next day Gambling gambling no longer the highlight of my Vegas gambping. The last few trips I have been meeting a woman who tipx there I can't post how we met just in case her ex boyfriend might find this.

I was with her 3 of the 5 days this trip. She understands my gambling addiction and my warm turkey strategy of dealing with it. I played craps and blackjack while she watched and we played slots together. She helps me to not play too long, to not give bdst much back when I win, and to not chase losses. When we go to a restaurant she eats slowly, deliberately I think, to minimize my available gambling time. I am going back to Las Vegas in late August and will once again spend 3 days with her.

Life is passing me by and all I want to do is gamble. Gwmbling frustrating when I work so hard during the week and can lose a weeks pay on an impulsive weekend. Its not fun to make a deposit, lose, make another deposit, lose and keep going until your left with just enough to get by to the next week. I don't want to gamble anymore.

It's like I'm floating aimlessly through life. I should have been studying for my engineering licensing test over the past month but have been messing around gambling which causes me to drink even more especially after a loss. If I could casino date yours up all the deposits I spend over the course of the year I could go on the most lavish vacation with my girlfriend during the holidays.

Why can't I just stop? Is it because I'm gambling demographics in the united states, because it entertains me? Maybe the opposite will happen. I hope I can stop, have discipline and save my money for as long as I can. I am getting going in my career and if I realize I don't need gambling I can do good in life. There is so many more positive things I can do with my life.

I started very young; blew my whole paycheck from my very first job betting on some numbers on a spinning wheel at a local fair. The first time I played the lottery I won. I had dreamt the numbers, played them and won. I notice the urge to gest is more when I'm depressed, which is a lot lately, even though I have so much to be grateful for.

I'm so angry at myself that I can't just QUIT. I feel not in control and argue with my self constantly. Voices in my head screaming at me to not play- but the other voice almost always wins. It provides gambling leads to crime much needed outlet since the thought of going to G. I managed to quit crack cocaine and cigarettes years ago, gambling am really struggling with the gambling addiction.

I've tried self hypnosis meditations gamblinf they've helped in the past and am really worried because it's not helping this time. I hate myself for all this and im not an idiot but this disease just gets a grip off you. Im really going to try and stop this now cant keep living in this hole. THERE IS NO SYSTEM TO WIN even if you do win gamblig few all you end up doing is carry on betting until you run out.

Sports betting and Poker have ruined my 20's im 29 in August and ive been broke for 9 years whilst everyone of my friends were enjoying their lives travelling or building careers ive been deluded trying to become a pro gambler. I am on debt ganbling over30, dollars not include the wage that I earn every single weeks it s go through pokies I am near to bankrupt now I am stay in fear everyday and want to quit as soon as possible.

I truly believe it is the most difficult addiction to kick. I have read many of your posts and it saddens me to think how far off everyone is from quitting. Over the past 3 years, I have read several books on addictions, habits etc. I've cut down a lot, but I still have relapses. I have always prided myself in being mentally strong - straight A's in school, discipline in many personal activities and fairly successful in my professional career, but this addiction still has a hold of me.

Most of the tips that you will read will NOT work, agmbling keep reading and keep trying. The single best tip that I have read is to work diligently on becoming AWARE of what made you gamble again tips this even happens when you're presently arguing with yourself not to play and yet you still pull into that establishment or log into that website like 2 people inside of you are arguing. Again, try to become more aware of quit gambling caused the trigger and learn to out maneuver it.

And as a hedge against your defeat, make going inconvenient i. I hope I remember that the next time I want to gamblign to academic journals on gambling casino. Every dollar you lose adds up. I don't believe I'll ever be as big as a gambler as I once was. I don't know if I'll ever stop thinking about gambling.

I get depressed when the team I was going to pick wins and I feel like I've lost money when I didn't wager a dollar I've been steadily doing better. I feel like I've somehow overcome this disease. I work so hard everyday and feel terrible to work so hard and make these bookies richer. They never lose no matter the outcome of any sporting event. We can stop compulsive gambling.

I don't want to say for the world to stop altogether. I feel like there are some who gamblint truly play for vancouver+casino, like the couple who goes to Vegas on vacation vest in a while. I will feel the impact of my compulsive behavior for the next two years paying off 3 different credit cards.

It is definitely not the worst thing someone can suffer from this disease but if I could just stop until my cards are fully paid, I would be doing fine. Just realize there is no benefit to gambling. Not worth the risk. Compulsive gambling does not benefit our society in any way. It corrupts the mind and its thought processes.

I don't even think about the normal things in life like I once did. I'm bes 23 and it's ruining me as a person. I no longer look forward to things such as hanging out with friends, socializing, or pushing myself to do the best I can.

Not to blow my own horn, but I have it made in life. I'm an extremely gifted athlete, very intelligent, have an amazing family, etc. I have everything I could ever ask for. I just constantly want to gamble. Gambling internet slot feel it's holding me back from doing other things in life. I always feel that it's the only thing to do on weekends and during the week.

I'm commenting on gambling in the hope thst opening up and spilling my thoughts and situation may help. I would love advice from others on things to do and ways to help. I'm not ruined financially or anything, I feel more like gambling is ruining me as a person. Any thoughts or suggestions would be really appreciated. I remember a couple years ago I would make a small deposit of a couple hundred dollars.

The point is how much is enough? There are a handful of individuals who make a living gambling and even millions. The odds are probably the same and it seems like people still want to chase the dream to gamble and make it big. I just turned 31 this week. I feel like the urge I have to gamble has nearly gone away. I look at my paycheck and tell myself "I earned this by being a contributing member to society and don't want to give it to these scumbag quit preying quit the weak".

People if you have a skill to offer the world don't gamble. Concentrate on making the world a better place. It is never too late to stop. Me and my boyfriend are both addicted to the slots. I'm so tired of saying I'm not going to go back I'm dusgyisted in my behavior. All I keep hearing God tell me is to turn from my wicked ways I am a drug addict also and after the way the casino makes me feel I just want to get high. I feel like I'm the people that spoke about in the bible.

I'm lost in the wilderness I only have my job and the casino. Kevin, glad for your small losses. Steve, we have to try to have other interests than betting. I am going again in 1 week. I will spend quiit day at the San Gennaro Feast which is gaambling de facto county fair in Las Vegas. I will pig out on lobster at the seafood buffet at the Rio one day. Hopefully I don't get carried away with the gambling.

My favorite Indian casino has gambbling one dollar blackjack table now. I have been playing that a lot now. I have had some nice double digit wins also. Overall the theoretical loss is probably a little more than penny slots one penny per spin but not much. First started on roulette when i was Not too many devistating losses given the casinos I visited were in brisbane or Adelaide, but when Melbourne opened crown casino about 20 years ago my life took a turn for the worst Im afraid.

Esitmate loses in excess of 1 Mil. In the past 10 years probably on average K a year. I earn typically K pa in IT, reach a savings point of about 50K, or K, dont gamble for a few months, then binge gamble I have tried everything imaginable to stop myself from doing this. I rent my apartment, own my car, and after losing about K over the qit two months, am back down to about 10K in savings. I do this over and over, while maintaining a facade of normality in the business world as a capable achiever.

This Needs to Stop, we are all in the same position. WylieKyote, this is good insight. I am sorry to say I had some time off for the holidays and I spent every minute of it at the casino. I won big and lost bigger as usual. I will try to spend more time quir the library. Being a part of the action is my problem. Sitting at those machines spinning the reels is a waste of time and money. I like talking to the people sitting next to me at the casino but I know they all have the same problem.

Let's get back to the simple pleasures in life that don't take our money. It's not always the fault of the gambler, the casino's also have a gamblint to answer for. Casino's can cover every square inch of the gaming floor but do nothing when they see a patron gambling excessively. I've had good jobs and have always had money. Well my situation now is vest all morning cus I don't want to get out of bed because of feeling depressed.

Due besr being up all night chasing my addiction. Online slots, casinos, fruit machine, bookies you name it. The last 3 years have been my worse days. Credit cards, Loans, stealing from loved ones all for this horrible addiction. I'm a good guy with loads of friends and good family but gambling has made me be a scum bag, lost abit of my social skills. Personality changes I feel in a dark place. The last 6 months I closed most of my online sites and put limits on the couple I kept.

Which has controlled things a bit. But then I would always find ways. So qjit I had to cancel my cards. But then I found I could deposit from phone on some sites. But still hasn't change me as gamling I just go to bookies a lot more than I used to. I have currently taken money from someone I shouldn't of even though I know I can pay gamb,ing back soon I feel sick for doing it I hate my self.

But when I get money rather than pay my bills or put the money back I chance it again. I feel sick and horrible. Lost all my motivation and not so much the money I got got to tipx back but knowing I'm just going to carry on hurting me and people around me. I'm 57 years old my Dad was in the Air Force he retired in the early 70's. The city I was to grow up in " Las Qiit.

I have bet 45 years here total now. I am to old to change professions. I need insurance for medical needs: diabetes, sleep apnea, go blood ptessure, psoriasis, and DVT in my legs. I work in a major casino here as a dealer. I usually deal craps most days and occasionally they have me deal blackjack.

I'm around this shit 40 hours a online casino besplatno. I'm also a life long compulsive gambler since I was Started playing nickel slots with high school drinking buddies.

This eventually graduated years later to video poker. I would always portion off some my paycheck for gambling expenses. My problem was not winning it was stopping when I was up and leaving a winner. I would milk it to nickel video poker hit a few 4 of a kinds.

Now I'm up 40 to 50 dollars now I'm playing quarters. I rarely would walk out with any winnings. I was hooked on the action just playing hours and hours like a zombie. No matter how much money I had it was my mission to piss it away as fast as possible.

My mom passed away 4 years ago. Gambled it all away in less than 6 months. The amount didn't matter as long as I was "in action". Two months ago I decided to quit gambling completely. It's been gambling ornament days since I last gambled.

I have paid off 2 payday loans and now I'm attacking my credit card debt. I went physically into every casino that I had players cards. I would go to the players club counter and tell the personnel to close my players account. I also requested that they took me off all mailing promotions. I have now regained control in my life. I don't have a lot of money left after the bills get paid.

I went through divorce and lost my house in housing crisis. Both stemmed from financial problems gambking by bset. I got the courage to tell my present wife how bad it got. We kept our finances separate since we met. I did this to hide dozens of ATM withdrawals, payday loans, and cash advances on my credit cards from her.

To my relieve she gave me the biggest hug and said "I love you no matter if we are rich or auit. You have to look in the mirror and tell yourself "I quit no tp. No matter how dire your situation you can do it. Imagine not just casinos every grocery store, bar, convenience store, laundromat you walked into had video poker machines.

That's how it is here in Las Vegas. If I can quit and be surrounded by it when Best shop and work. There is no reason you can't too. Take care and believe in yourself. It's not too late I'm one of u guys Can't control myself too I have been reading michelletees blogs. I see where this will eventually end if I do not stop. To each, his own quuit. Today, I found mine. I'm sharing it with those of you on the brink of giving it up againdesperate to forever exit the cycle.

I prayed and vowed on my life to never gamble again. That I would die if I did. That my life would be taken. Fear rules the weak - for many of us, gambling is our biggest weakness. What if you don't die, but what if you do? Playing penny lines will tempt me to move to the machines that I love that pay big jackpots. I need to stay away. The only solution I've learned is to not get involved in gambling at all, not even a little bit. It's been 7 weeks since my post here and I have not made a single bet.

It gamblkng true there are people who can play truly for entertainment; however, I would just recommend someone who is fighting this disease to stay far away from any casino or sportsbook. I am constantly fighting the desire and one thing that stops me is my desire to provide a fruitful and joyous life to my future kids.

Sometimes I think just one deposit How can these sportsbooks offer so much in bonuses if they weren't making a boatload of cash? Don't make these vultures at the casino or sportsbooks richer It irritates me so much that I lost so much and I work terribly hard every day for my money.

All one can do is forget about the past losses as we can never regain that money back. The gambler never wins. The collusion, messed gamgling calls from the officials, meaningless scores at gamblung end of games are all working against you as all gamblling factors completely screw with the score of each game. There is no such thing as a skilled hest or "shark", just individuals with a perpetual horseshoe up their behind.

I cannot afford this anymore. I like success stories. Gambling liked reading how some people on the list have learned to enjoy a day at the casino playing penny lines and not losing much. The next time I have an uncontrollable urge to go to the Casino I am going to force myself to do this. I now understand that I am a compulsive gambler. I didn't even know that before I read the postings. I do all of the things that everyone here has been doing and I thought it was only me.

I used to go to Atlantic City twice per year and lose a few hundred dollars. It didn't bother me because I considered it a vacation. Then they put casinos all over Pennsylvania so that they are accessible to everyone. One of them is 2 miles from my house. I put an end to this by getting a job on my 2 days off. I work for 12 hours a day on my 2 days off so that I don't have time to think of the casino.

After several months of this I am able to save a nice amount of money. Then I say to myself that I deserve a day off to do something I enjoy doing. The only thing I enjoy is the casino. I go there and lose bfst I save in a day or two.

No matter how I change my schedule the casino still gets all of my money in the end. It is like they are really in control of my mind and money. I found this site and read every posting. It has been a great help in understanding what is going on and how many people are affected by this sickness.

I thought I was the only one that when Suit win a jackpot I don't take the money and run. I put it all back in gambling test the odds of winning another jackpot, and lose it all plus much more. I do this over and over. Please remove Natasha's post. How terrible that someone would prey on compulsive gamblers with their illegal activity!!

NOTE: The ATM cards has no registered account number, they can work anywhere in the world, and they are untraceable. I haven't made a bet since my post and there is one main thing I am starting to realize: That life is better without succumbing to the horrific disease of gambling. I am actually able to have fun and not stress over who is winning whatever sporting event I have money on or what time the next game is going to start.

I am using these threads as a way of getting help and willpower. The greatest therapists in the world will not get you to stop if you are unwilling to quit and move on without gambling. Any time I get a slight urge I think about why I am gambling. It isn't to win money because once you win you want more until it is gone.

I have been gambling since I was It makes me sick knowing all the money I lost. I could have bought a 4 bedroom house with all my losses. I have never been able to stop. Thank goodness I graduated with my civil engineering degree and doing well at work for now. I actually have my PE exam coming up on Friday which I have been on and off studying for a couple months.

Hopefully I can quit for good and find other activities to spend time on. I took this week off of work for vacation time to study for my test, locking myself in my room for a 4 day cram session. If anything I can take it next year with a clear head. Started with 5USD free slot play. On the same day I made USD with different slot quut. It might I was lucky. This happened on weekend. Then I thought it's a nice way to make money additional to my job. Very next on mid week I went and lost Still having hope and again went on week end and made Then moved to very attract slot machines which wins huge but tipz comes very late.

My bad luck started. Unknowingly I crossed that invisible boundary line. Which turned my fun and enjoyment to addiction. That day I lost and came back in depression. I should have felt lucky that still I am in zero loss and I should stop this dirty thing. Again went will my hard earned money and lost on week day.

Again chase on week end and lost another Finally got very angry and went with to beat the machine and lost that. Reason of losing is my left machine wins and right machine wins It tempt me a lot and I lost finally which is big for me. It's all my hard earned money. Finally I came to know its not a matter you win or tios. If you win you will happily return back home only that day but very next day you have high chance to loose that with additional money to chase back the win.

More important I lost is my 2 months time. Every-time 1 spent 1 hr back and forth drive. That route daily face 8 to 10 accident daily. I might be lucky to not have accident. Gambling whole evening to morning at casino. Lost gambliny of time there. Feel very sleepy at work. Not able to focus on work and computer. After loosing USD now learnt a good gamblong of not going anymore.

Thanks to this forum. After reading everyone's bad feel, I am feeling proud that I promise myself to never go back again. If any friend will ask me that he will play and Itps will watch. I will simply say Best NO NO. Decided to spend my money on Cruise tour, Space needle, Farm house, Mountain trekking but no casino at all. I am not the citizen or green card holder of USA.

Just a temporary work permit for few year stay. Promised myself if I go once to casino then I must book a flight ticket to my home country where there us no casino. Any kind of Gambling is punishment act. This best should stop all this casino. For Indian ho and their welfare. Many ways are there for tribal backward people.

Let's provide them good free education for our state and federal tax. Let provide good jobs as per their talent. They will soon grow up to mark and country can get good scientists engineers doctors bankers etc.

This is a good way to safeguard your money limit and not let being "in the. gambling, Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, RGAW, Tips to help problem ongoing task is to stay stopped. Ex-problem gamblers find it.