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Targeted casino advertising casino administration controls

Published on 08 December

Great and exciting news for das beste casino Social Casino operators around the world! Google has finally changed its policy and permitted Social Casino advertising.

It is no secret that Social Casino is one of the biggest and most successful game genres in the Social and Mobile arena. This has been the case for about 4 years already. You need look no further than Playtika acquired by Targeted casino advertising interactiveand DoubleDown Interactive acquired by IGT taking the space by storm, and many other studios following in their footsteps as proof of this.

While platforms like Facebook and Twitter courted these types of games and enjoyed many years of exceptional income from the targeted casino advertising, Google stayed in the background for quite a while and let the other players feather their nests.

The absurd thing is that Gambling Games have been able to advertise on Adwords for years as long as they have a Gaming License. What is even more ridiculous is that since Social Casino is not real gambling, these companies could never get such a license even if they wanted to and were completely left out of the game. Before rolling it out to everyone, a few select operators and agencies were chosen to participate in a beta trial.

A huge, quality, and targeted media channel that was completely blocked from Social Casino operators is now accessible to them. It will require new expertise, partnerships, and strategies. Finally — Social Casino Advertising on Google! Select your game's genre:. At this very moment, you can reach. Discover more about your. I seek quality players. I sell quality traffic.

Advertising providers prefer to invest into the online casino ads posted on such websites as Facebook, because social networks enable operators to keep up with the interests of their target. This can be done with the help of bright advertising, various bonuses for beginners Demographic profile of target audience. Researchers distinguish three main groups of online casino audience. Promote Your Online Casino with Targeted Traffic. Benefits of Using Internet Advertising to Market Your Casino.