My son has a gambling problem

My son has a gambling problem online casinos paypal

How can I tell my mom I don't want to see her? V I hope your Gamanon group is thriving, I am sorry the time differences mean you cannot join our groups but I just wanted to let you know you are 'always' heard and that all is well here.

Your browser is ancient! Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. The first time was a few years ago and was so naive how strong this addiction really is. Ny thought I would hit this problem head on and get it fixed. I have a 24 almost 25 year old son who has been compulsively gambling since he was He lives with us and the problem is he is currently quite fragile i. I has done some cutting of himself and as seems the case with a lot of gamblers - threatened suicide.

I am just having such a hard time getting myself to the spot where I don't think if I could just find the right words etc he would be able to stop. He is in a quasi recovery in that he knows its a problem and son has want this in his life but can't seem to get to the next part where the real work must start!

I really am soooo tired of everything that goes with this addiction. Thanks for starting a thread in the Gambling Therapy friends and family forum. This forum will provide you with warmth and understanding from your peers.

I am so pleased you knew to come back problem welcome. I probably remember you under another name but I have no idea what support you were given when you came before, so please forgive any repetition. Before I say anymore I want you to know that it is because I know the addiction to gamble can be controlled that I am writing to you and like you, it is my son who is the CG. When you speak to your son, the addiction beast in the corner is watching and waiting for a reason to gamble further and to prohlem you and the world for that urge.

When you threaten the addiction, it comes between you and controls the conversation or argument because it is the master of threats and manipulation mj you are not. Once the addiction is between you, you will only hear his addiction speak — its weapons are lies and deceit and it will seek to sob you feel blame and demoralize you. As you speak the addiction distorts your words making prohlem incomprehensible to your son.

My CG, son who does live in control of his addiction, explained it to me by saying that sson I talked to him about love, honesty and living a decent life, his addiction was hard at work passing on to his confused yambling, that I could not possibly love him because he was unlovable and worthless the same low self esteem you mention in your son. I cannot tell you what to do but I think it is better not to believe anything your son says while he is an active CG because in doing so you become receptive.

If you can stand back a bit and listen to what he is saying, it becomes gamboing not get caught up in an argument that has no point apart from making you feel less in control. Once you begin to try and put your side the addiction problem something to get its teeth into. Come back on here and tell me what he is saying rather than argue with him. Are you worrying about this on your own? Do you have other family to support you?

The addiction to gamble divides families by feeding on lies and secrecy. Unfortunately unless people have lived with the addiction to gamble, their opinions can be very narrow and not supportive so personally I think it is best to tell others as a statement rather than ask for opinions which are generally unhelpful.

You can gather information here so that you can make your own informed decisions with that knowledge. I like the term quasi recovery but I know it is an gambling fragile state. In my opinion it would be good to tell your son that you are seeking support that you are making the effort and you are stronger for it.

Find out about local GA groups, perhaps tell him about this site and suggest he calls our helpline, look into dedicated addiction counsellors. Write information down about support groups in big letters and leave it where he can find it — again if you approach him verbally, his addiction will not want to sson. I think it is good to let him know without fear problem tears that you are on his side — that you are seeking to understand, rather than telling him what you think sin should do.

There are no gamvling to make him stop gambling but there are seeds you can sow in his mind that a gamble-free life is possible, that you will support him if he seeks it but you will not support his addiction. We have CG only problem that he can join and know that what he says is understood. Give him hope — but most importantly look pdoblem you because as part of the wreckage of his addiction, you will not be able to support him.

Thanks for your response. What I find the most difficult is the anger I feel. After 6 years of this I do know that screaming, yelling etc. He is going for a psychiatric assessment this week as he feels there is something very wrong with him as he says he hasn't been happy in a long time.

I know there are issues but he can't seem to problem that the gambling is now an addiction that he uses to cope with and nothing will get better until he addresses it. It goes round and round and I know if I don't do something on my end to break it this could ky on forever :. I start out hass with such resolve and then am sucked back into either ignoring it or feeling sorry for him, neither of which helps!! When Gambling problem felt I was becoming powerless with a terrible anger that frightened me, I would shut myself away at and write a secret journal.

I took all the pain and put it in writing, pouring it out on to the page— never to be read by anyone. I used to take all the things that had hurt me and type furiously with spelling mistakes, capital letters, underlining and strong swearing words I have never uttered. My fingers learned to move like wild-fire and when I had finished each session I would feel drained but there was also a feeling of release, as that particular pain problem no longer whizzing round my brain causing me to lose my ability to cope.

I never re-read what I had written but printed the pages off and I kept them in a secret file. I never got round to sharing with friends - I held the secret in shame and misery. I hope you will find release in this forum and of course in the group there is complete privacy. I understand the resolve gradual dissolving but unless resolve is held each wound will just add to all the others.

I unwittingly lived with the addiction for 23 years — he told me then that he had a problem with gambling but it meant nothing and I went a further 2 years in confusion. Knowing what you are facing does make a difference. I my son has a gambling problem the psychiatrist has osn understanding of the addiction to gamble but listen to what your son is told and make your own judgement. Other CGs do understand your son, which I why our groups, helpline, forum and Problem are so effective.

It is ok to feel anger but it is better if it is channelled into things that will not hurt you — shouting at your son will do no good — he cannot hear. Stick with us — hae posting, join our groups, talk to our helpline — it does make a difference. Do you have other children? Siblings are affected by an addiction in the family and it is easy to take your eye of the ball probleem only see the addiction everywhere. You are not alone Worried. I survived it and I have survived it with a vengeance.

You can do it. Velvet As I read your post I could totally relate to everything as my 30 year old son has been gambling for a few years now not exactly sure when it started and I feel I'm how online gambling affects college students my wits end.

He knows he has a problem, tells me he hates living like this and I believe himbut just won't take the next step to stop. So in my frustration and desperation, I googled and found this site and yours was the first post I read. Son the follow up posts have me feeling a bit better about how I can manage things, so looking forward to sharing and learning here as I undertake this unpleasant journey!

Its so very frustrating and I like you have been at my wits end many times. I went to Gam-Anon this week and must say it was comforting and think I will continue. Its also very hard as most of the people on the forums and all at the Gam-Anon are all dealing with husbands or boyfriends. I know we all must learn the same lessons in looking after ourselves etc. My son is also a CG.

I have gambping alongside this for 10 years. I can say that I have experienced feelings that I never probem possible. He has had a horrendous time but me also. He has been to GA. Finding this forum has been a real turning point for me. I have read about other mums suffering the same and had great support from Velvet on the chat line. The main thing is I have learnt about the cycles and learnt how I have enabled myson to gamblethe things I have done! Also I have learnt that I must look after myself to keep strong.

I have a daughter too and along with a new partner have to understand how they feel. I feel empowered now and ky to say NO to my son but also keep a good part of our relationship. My heart goes out to you because I really do feel what you are going through and hopefully we can support each other.

Sam x Hi Worried. Just a quick note on your Gamanon group - stick with it. Everybody learns from everybody else and that is what matters. When I first joined my Gamanon group, all the other member were wives or partners of a CG — I was the only mother of a CG. Maybe in made me do more listening in the early days. Gamanon was my route to my salvation. My son told me that I could have done nothing to prevent his addiction, nor was I to blame. As yet, your son cannot speak as a person in control of his addiction but never lose hope.

Youth makes them feel invincible and nothing you can say will change that until he is ready. How much better it is for you and you son that you eon yourself first, enjoy the company of others, seek new friendships, have hobbies and interests. When the time comes hs your son to realise that his destructive addiction controls him and it is that which is ruining his life, then he will have a healthy, strong mother to talk to and share with, whereas if you are another victim of his addiction you will not be fit enough to help him or you.

Sow the seeds for him. Point him towards GA, this site, dedicated addiction counsellors but recognise that you cannot save him — only he can do that. The only person you can save is you and believe me that is so very, very important. If you are concerned that the username you have given yourself is hs that your son could identify with and you would rather that he did not, you can change it.

I am the mother of a compulsive gambler but I know that the addiction to gamble can be controlled which is why I am here. Well done on finding us — please use us and know that you are not alone anymore. You may never know what results come from your actions but if you do nothing, there will be no results. There is comfort in seeing that it does happen to other parents. Rightly or wrongly I do tend to feel I did something wrong gambilng as a parent it is my job to "fix" it I have started reading the book Co-Dependent No More and must say it gives a lot of food for thought I work full-time and am finding it is such a blessing to be able to cut the cycle of incessant worry Unfortunately due to my work and time zone it is going to be very difficult to join a Friends and Family Chat which I would dearly love to do gambling. Although I would wish that none of the sons mentioned in these posts had become cgs and that none of you mums had to suffer the consequences of this, I AM really glad that you have started writing here now.

Welcome and I hope you find the support you need and the path to living your own healthy lives. Unlike Velvet, I cannot yet say that my cg now lives in control of his addiction, but I can say that I am in a better place myself. I did not think it possible to get beyond that sense that my well-being was inextricably linked with my son 'recovering'.

But it is possible to find a way of living well lroblem with partner and other family members, whilst the cg has still not chosen to be gambling-free. It is not our 'ideal' and is not without sorrow, but it can be a worthwhile and satisfying life.

The mother-child relationship is different, but then every couple is different too. That said, other mums will probably find a special bond with each other. But learn from everyone, including cgs who are working for and achieving a gambling-free life.

You will hear a lot about looking after YOU. That really is a profound and vital message. It's best for you and, ultimately for the cg, who can only make his choices himself. Refusing to argue and shout etc is wise - turn away and do something to problrm your own life and you will feel stronger and more in control. You can make decisions for yourself and carry them out, but you cannot force your cg to do anything. I noticed you responded to my post on siblings so I wondered if you were still reading and if so how you were doing.

I know how easy it hss to start off strong and then to get sucked back in — so however you are feeling and whatever is going on with your son please always know that your words are understood and there is no judgement on this site — just care. We are not convinced he has actually told his boss, as he has said this at the delaware park casino blackjack jobs.

He was on his last payment, when he used customers money again He lived with his girlfriend, but she asked him to leave as she couldn't cope in the end. He has only been there for three weeks, yet last week he took that money.

We know we shouldn't keep bailing him out. He gambles on fixed odds betting terminals that take hundreds of pounds in minutes, so he is gambling massive amounts. We are completely shattered now. Pgoblem this last episode, my husband hw said we are not bailing him out again. We say each time that we will never bail him out again, so he obviously just thinks we don't ever follow it through. We really mean it this time and we are quite certain he will do it again prolbem he gets the opportunity.

This is so very difficult and I know how heartbroken and devastated you feel. All I know from my 6 years on the roller-coaster is they will only get better when they are ready to. I too have heard the countless promises of therapy blah blah blah For me I have joined GamAnon and really tried to stay out of his affairs - though I am far from perfect at that yet! Unfortunately you are trying to control something you will never ganbling control of until he hits his bottom whatever that may be.

My son has been in GA for about 7 months but has relapsed twice. He does keep getting back on the horse but I try to use all my strength to stay out of it and not be the fixer. I know it is so hard for you both but try to stay positive and get yourself to a GamAnon group it possible.

Perhaps start your own thread on here so you can get support! As Worriedmama has written — please start your own thread. Sharing your worries and fears can be very therapeutic and there is always someone listening on this site. You cannot save your son but you can make a difference, by starting your own thread we can help you understand the addiction and how you can best move on. It was good to see you post and to get your update.

This may sound like nit picking but I hope it will help. A relapse is a total re-immersion in the addiction but a slip implies a desire for change even if a true recovery is still slipping through his fingers. Recoveries have ups and downs. I have absolutely no idea why my CG changed his life when he did — I have no idea how often he attempted to control his addiction and did not succeed.

As long as he tries to get back on that horse and sometimes succeeds in hanging on - he has hope and as long as you support him as you have been doing he has a greater chance of success. Judging by your post, your understanding is pretty perfect — living the perfection is probably impossible. In refusing enablement you are giving your son the finest love and the greatest hope for him to live gamble-free - well done. Great positive post - I hope you update again sometime soon.

Thanks for your encouraging post. It is such a roller coaster that most days I just want off! My son did get back proboem the horse again that poor horse must be so tired after his last "slip" and went to GA which was very encouraging. I have realized my job has to now be supportive but for the most michael jordans gambling problem keep my mouth shut.

No more suggesting he get a sponsor in GA, or get the cash advance off your CCor so on and so on. Thank-you for your words about your sons recovery and finally finding his way to uas "true" recovery. It gives me hope that my son is making his way albeit probldm step forward 1 step back! Thanks for you kind words. You certainly don't intend it to happen but the chaos that surrounds your life becomes your "norm" and you are left thinking who and what was I before this all started???

I feel good, yet somewhat guilty, that I am finally feeling its time to move on with my life and have the faith that my higher power is looking over both my son and myself and will get us where we need to be. Wow that sounds very new age-ish but happily that is how I feel I can hear you have the casino job film wiki the fire Cathy and I porblem you — well done.

Velvet All is well on my side of the world! It is a long process and problsm lot of work getting oneself "well" after years of living with a CG. I am grateful for sites probldm this. While I don't post a lot and due to time zone issue am not able to make it into a chat I can at least read and feel not so alone. My CG continues prooblem attend GA I celebrated my 1 year in GamAnon and have to say it was one of the best things I did to get myself back to sanity. I asked one of the "veteran" members if they would help me work through gambling problem 12 Steps.

The strength and peace this has given me has been a Godsend. I hope all is well with everyone and maybe one day I will be able to make a chat! Slips do not have to occur but if they do, it does not have to be negative — they can help the CG be stronger in the future. As your son has picked himself up from a couple of slips, dusted himself down and stuck with his GA, it is to be hoped that he has gained that strength and I wish him well.

It sounds a good group where another member is willing and able to help you through the 12 steps. Gamanon meant everything to me in those early days bur unfortunately there is no Gamanon where I live now although I am tempted to change that fact. Thank you once again for popping back.

It would be great to see you in the group again one day. I send my best wishes to you and your Gamanon group. V I hope your Gamanon group is thriving, I am sorry the time differences mean you cannot join our groups but I just wanted to let you know you are 'always' heard and that all is well here. Both my son and I continue on our paths of recovery.

I guess the trick is for each of our paths to not be dependant on the success of the others recovery hope that makes sense! My meetings are Tuesday fambling. Last night we were discussing progress not perfection. How true that is!! There are still so many areas where I feel I still struggle yet look at how far I have come and am proud of myself.

I don't comment a john lennon with casino as I don't know if I am qualified to address the spouses as my CG yes CG!! Take Care Hi WM. I wish you could have joined us too. I thought of you tonight in your group all those miles away — I hope it went well. I will gladly settle for progress.

What time does your meeting end? I always say the Serenity Prayer when our one closes on the dot of Thanks for all the support you have been giving. Velvet I believe I will start saying the serenity prayer at that time Tuesdays and it will be just like I am there! I am glad the I am "always" heard I hope you heard us. I was thinking about you.

V Thanks for posting to my thread, Cathy. Good to hear from you. The "F and F " forum seems to be going through a lull lately. A few people I "look out for" seem to have stopped posting. Yes, walking away hae gambling is a tough, arduous journey. Especially when I look back at the carnage I leave behind.

Strangely, I always say "there is only one thing worse than being a CG In my opinion, being married to, or having to live with a CG must be far worse because you never know when, through no fault of your own, and without warning, your world will spiral out of control and you will be launched into a prkblem hell on earth with no idea when the end is coming. At least the CG sees the" writing on the wall" beforehand and knows when the end is at hand. I always do, for one. Gambling takes a bit of preparation and plotting.

This was always done secretly, in my headwhich meant my S. Of course an observant "partner" might be tuned in enough to see a change in behaviour as being a problem up to another gambling episode, but having to live on those tender hooks would be the worst thing I could imagine. Knowing that intervention in times of danger would be futile brings a helplessness that I would personally find difficult to bear.

The journey that leads me away from gambling is not half as scary or draining as the return journey would be, should I ever choose to travel that route again. Walking from darkness to light is always easier than walking or running from light to darkness.

I am well aware of the misery that awaits me should I ever take that walk again. For that reason I will use my "bag of tools" just for today. I'm tambling to hear you feel like a "bittersmall minded, bullying mother" for trying to help your son. Does he resent your support? All any of us can do is protect ourselves. Nobody can take a step for a CG. Hopefully, your son will reach out for help when the time is right for him.

Have I missed out on something? Sometimes, people who are hurt deflect or project feelings agmbling the wrong direction. Nobody has the power to stop another member posting unless the Terms and Conditions of GT are breached. That's my understanding of how the Site works. I stand open to correction. Surely a Recovery site should create unity not division.

We all have suffered enough pain through this addiction. I am the bully as well as numerous other not so nice things that Sad has been referring to in her posts. I was hesitant for posting on your thread for fear that it would not be welcome but really wanted to offer my support to you.

I know I am painted in a different light but I want for nobody to suffer with this addiction. Sad I have no palace casino biloxi reservations for you to leave casino gambling guide software site.

I do however, have a problem that when you put up controversial posts gamblinv cry "bully" when a response was made. I am not nor have I ever been a bully or any of the other derogatory names you have referred to me as. I am a mother of a son who has been a compulsive gambler for going on 9 years. We have been to hell and back with suicide attempts, depressionand a million other things that come with being a CG.

Gambljng have just finished my group; said the Serenity prayer to problemm and thought of you. You are a wonderful support but you are still recovering your life. How is your son doing? I think he is still going to GA but how is he behaving towards you? Time for an update methinks. V I thought of you tonight Cathy, when I met 4 new young men in GA. They heard wise words from the older men. I hope it turns them off gambling forever and a day. I admire them for giving GA a shot even if they were pushed in my q wives and girlfriends!

Uas have to start casino games layouts. A mother thinks we are showing love to our sons and all the ga,bling we help them to drink more and more from the poison chalice and it's not only mums of CGs who do this. Not saying you ever did, Cathy but I sure did.

Awareness is the key. As you know Velvet being the mom of a CG has it's own set of dynamics. We are used to "helping" and "fixing" the problems of our kids. Problem was that I didn't realize that my son had become a young man. We have been on this rollercoaster for going on 9 years. My son sn been going to GA for going on 2 years. Though he has had multiple relapses I truly do feel he is making progress.

He is happier and more honest. As long as he continues to make progress and accept responsibility for his addiction my husband and I continue to support him. I am so proud of his efforts Being here is like going to GA for the addict It's so much easier to see things more clearly when looking at others' situations. I get a better perspective. I agree with you Vera we mom's as I know you know are easily manipulated by are little babies- and particularly sons.

I have had the wool pulled over my eyes more times than a care to admit. I am lucky as I have a great Gam Anon group albeit most members are spouses that gives wonderful support. They are all just a text or call away when I am doubting myself- which thankfully is getting less. It's not easy on either side of the fence but knowing there are people nearby and on the other side of the world that support and "get" you makes all the difference in the world, my son has a gambling problem.

Is your son still living with you? How is his behaviour towards you when he slips? Are you aware when it happens or does he gambllng you? Does he earn enough money to keep himself out of debt? When enough money is earned to avoid debt the CG often believes that they are handling their gambing because they believe they are not hurting anybody else or taking money from anybody else.

However they are hurting themselves. Does he give any indication why he slips? Does the GA group ask him what he is going to problem differently this time? Returning to your first post on this latest thread, is he still suffering very low self-esteem, cutting himself, threatening suicide? I have just seen ganbling string of questions which was not my intent.

Your health and happiness are so important. Laughter and joy can be absent from a home with the addiction to gamble in it — I hope that is not so for you. V Wow those are a lot of questions V!!! I'm going to try to answer them. My son bottomed out about 2 years ago. He finally admitted he was a compulsive gambler after years of fighting with himself that he was "different" and could get this under control on his own. I had started attending Gam Anon about 6 months before this.

I honestly could no longer cope. It was heart wrenching as each time the bottoms became so low and he was so destroyed, I would give him my best "mom" pep talk and all would be good for a bit then BAM back to square one. Even with him attending GA it has been hard. He is only now just starting to embrace recovery I think. Previously I was pretty certain that he was just going and hoping that by sitting in the room that would be good enough.

His slips all seem to revolve around colorado belle hotel casino laughlin nv of worthlessness which anybody looking in from the outside would not get as he appears to have it all.

I know with absolute certainty where these feelings originate from and I think he does too but not sure he has tackled them. He is still living with us and at his request I have complete control of all his finances. At least this gives him a fighting chance to get some hzs time behind him whilst he works on the bigger issues.

It's funny his days of sobriety no longer seem important to me. On my end I am no longer angry. I am just so sad that this addiction gripped my son We seem to be at a much better place as a family. It's not the "dirty" secret it once was and it no longer holds power over us. The chaos seems probllem be gone for the most part. Thanks for your supportive posts, Cathy.

Glad to hear things probkem going well for your son and that Gamanon is helping you. I think there is a gamanon meeting in the same building where I attended GA tonightbecause the first time I went there I saw two women waiting in the queue outside the door, my son has a gambling problem, but they went into a different room. Lots of young ny in that group. My sons' age and the scary bit is that some of them are already separated fathers due to gambling.

Has, I relate better to some of the men, than I did to the lady! I guess I'm getting to know one gwmbling two of them from the different venues. He runs that meeting, he said. Another man asked what my son thought of the "Pinning Meeting" we attended a couple of Sunday nights ago.

I feel secure when I see that man coming into a meeting. I don't know why. Maybe gamb,ing he is a granddad. Two newcomers were told to "stay back " at the end of the meeting. I guess they give them phone numbers and literature. I was never given that list of numbers. I totally get it that men don't hand out their phone numbers to women. Thanks for posting to my thread, Cathy. GA may not be the best pullman reef casino cairns for him to meet a GFunless of course she was well established in recovery.

The only thing you can do is stay focused on your own recovery. It seems selfish but when we get caught up in outside chaos it takes our peace. Do you ever come to the GT Groups for All Members? Maybe we will gambliny up there soon. One on this pm if it suits you, time wise. I said the Serenity Prayer last night following my group and I thought about you all those miles away. It is hard to remember our thoughts as we look back but I definitely did believe that the problem in my home was my fault entirely and that I was a rubbish human being.

A few confusing sentences and I was ready to believe anything again and so on and so on. This makes it hard to trust when recovery does actually kick in - and I found comfort in the words an old casino arizona phoenix az wrote many years ago.

GFs want attention and understanding, both of which a CG can ill afford to give as it removes the focus from the recovery. One of the biggest problems for CGs at the beginning of a gamble-free life is the void — what to do when the urge to gamble arises - a girl-friend or boyfriend could be felt to be an answer but I would argue it is only the answer when the void has been filled with things the CG has forgotten about or put on one side because of the addiction.

Unless the CG has become more rounded, in my opinion, they can hardly be ready to add to a relationship as an equal. Your family, in the main, seems to have reached the happier state of acceptance which is great. I believe that ups and downs must invariably continue for a time and chaos can erupt but you have the tools to cope now. Nothing can change what has gone before, we are altered by the experience but in my opinion once the coping mechanisms are in place and the addiction is accepted for what it is, then families can move on to great things.

I think the elephant in the room is one of the biggest causes of our lack of communication but unfortunately if it is left to fester it only gets bigger. Gambling problem stand guilty myself of having an elephant in the room with another person, not my CG, so I do understand — maybe we need to son a way to resolve this. V Thanks for your ongoing support on my thread, WM!

I hope your son is still X free and living a better life. I could write a book on my son's "issues". He is not a CG. Same age as your son. The most recent thing ishe moved a lot of his baggage back to this house, left jouer casino roulette dog here at my behest-I couldn't bear the think of the little animal being caught up in my son's irregular life.

All we can do as mothers is offer advice, and let our sons find their own way through life. Gambling was my way of escaping from his craziness and my own, but that is not an option gambliing days. Thanks for your on going support, Cathy. Hope your son is doing well too? I have read this thread and nodded my head. He is starting to get things in place to hopefully help him. I too naively thought his gambling I found out about 18 months ago was sorted, I now know it isn't.

You all know the feelings ,thoughts, so I'm not going to write those here. What I want to ask because it is what I worry about. This to me is the hardest part of this journey,it is our natural reaction to trust and believe ,but when it's been damaged like this ,how do we know. I hope all of you are doing well and healing Touching base to say Hi, Cathy. Just read where you mentioned on another thread that your son is about 11 months free. Problej time I see a young guy in GAI think "that could be Cathy's son"!

Yes, I agree we do have to distance ourselves from our grown children's behaviour, which is extremely hss for a mother. It can be especially heart breaking when your "child" is in trouble. My son is not a CG. I am, as you know, but he has "issues" that are similar to gambling. I definitely agree that its all about the way WE as mother's cope with this behaviour that affects our well being.

As a CG, of course I took the obvious escape route until I realised that the "cure" was more harmful than the cause. It's not about being problm. Mother's will always hold our "children" in our hearts but we sadly, cannot always hold the once chubby hands that we want to grip still. So, we surrender them to God, to the World or to Life depending on our beliefs. I think hambling key to dealing with a "wayward" child, is to first of all protect gamblig, stop trying to change him or her and pray that God will bring them back, through the right people, to the right road.

Many things are beyond our control. You gambling problem be interested to hear, Cathy, that I attended the very first Women's GA group tonight. Arizona charles hotel & casino on trying to see what works best. I hope you are doing well in your recoveryodaat. United we stand, dived we fall! I read on Vera's thread about how well your son is doing. I think it is very kind of you to post on the other forum and give hope to people who hax with this.

I can tell by your tone and how you describe your son that you are very much a loving mother and I hope betus book gambling sport continue to enjoy adameve casino bonus codes 2014 son's recovery.

You deserve it -parenting can be very difficult and when our kids are in pain it impacts on every part of our being. Your son will be in my prayers. Its good to see your thread at the top again. I still think of you every Tuesday as the gmabling clocks off and I say the Serenity Prayer. It would be great one day if your time zone allowed us to talk in real time but in the meantime please keep posting and focusing on your life.

Gambling problem s funny how our thoughts cross the miles - Vera when she sees a young man in GA and me every Tuesday. There are many good things to celebrate as a result of this site and Gamanon. V I'm 64yr old mum of 3. Middle son is a gambler - think he has been for a long time. He had total melt down this time last year when his wife left taking their 9 month old son. Problwm the help of Mind Matters and his immediate family we got him through that.

Financially he's a complete mess but seemed to be coping wrong! We thought he was coming through, he started a CBT course last week and then boom this week he has done it casino closing all his salary and more! I'm angry and scared, trying to deal with his dad who feels crushed and cant accept it's an illness - just wants to punish him.

His siblings are fantastic, but he pushes them away all the time - it's all me hs me!! He's lost touch will his friends, doesn't socialise at all unless prkblem with us. He's holding onto his really good job by provlem skin of his teeth. Just need some advice please. He has stopped going to GA meetings because 'he's not like them' I can't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

Just don't recognise this person. All support is tailored to the specific problem. I can't answer you on somebody else's thread but I would be delighted to support you. You asked on my thread if my son is a CG? I honestly have to say I do not know. He has been living a very secret life has quite a few years. Acting like some type of reclusive V. On his visits home which are very rare we are treated to his son over indulgent gifts or a barrage of verbal abuse, aggression and general uproar.

This has been the pattern for about seven years. Limits mean nothing to him. I haven't seen him since November 28th, except for a brief conversation on Christmas night he did a "no show" over Christmas-It was I who called him when he was full of self pity and remorse for his own loss. Fast forward to March 1st, Ash Wednesday, when I got the "urgent call" from his brother I would be gmabling surprised if he gambles but you never can tell.

He HATED gambling with a vengeance and made no secret of how he felt about my gambling and will still dip my nose in it at every opportunity possible. He certainly lives way beyond directions to barona casino means.

Spends money when he has it as if it's going out of fashion as I did and is generous to a fault. He drinks to excess. Smokes a lot and most likely takes "high class" sic drugs. I'm guessing that is how he got hooked up with loan sharks and caused all this distress. I am still in shock regarding his recent "debt". He owes me and his father a lot of money. He hasn't had the manners to even text or call us. Quite frankly I do not want to see him until I put all this hurt behind me and until he makes major changes in his life.

He has ruled over our family for too long. Just pray for him please Cathy and thank you for your concern and support. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Welcome To Gambling M. We look forward to hearing all about you!

The Gambling Therapy Team. PS: Let me just remind you problem take a look at our. As I read your post I could totally relate to everything as my 30 year old son problsm been gambling for a few years now not exactly sure when it started and I hass I'm at my wits end. Absolutely did not intend to waste energy with who felt the greater pain! Hello Worriedmama and also KB and Samantha. Monique Gambling Therapy Team. Hoping to hear from you soon. Was thinking about how "we". All is well on my side of the world!

I hope your Gamanon group is thriving, I am sorry the time differences mean you cannot join our groups but I just wanted to let you know you are 'always' heard and that all is well here. No need to email me Janey.

Double standard indeed :. God Grant Me The Serenity. I heard you guys loud and clear and felt the love across the ocean! PS - You had written in one of your posts that "God loves a trier" - It's become my new mantra. Sad I have no desire for you. Today is officially Day 1. I truly wish you a life of recovery from this awful addiction.

I thought of you tonight Cathy, when I met 4 new young men in GA. Thanks for thinking of me! Wow those are a lot of. Wow those are a lot of questions V!!! As with everybody its ODAAT, some days not so good but all in all life most definitely is:. Thanks for your ongoing support on my thread, WM! Trusting what they say. I hope all of you are doing well and healing. Touching base to say Hi, Cathy. I'm 64yr old mum hard rock isleta casino 3.

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Brendon and Melissa think Jason is hitting a bad streak and should switch machines. Jason doesn't feel he has a problem and currently has 5 or 6 machines. I have a gambling problem. How do I get out of this and how do I control the urge of wasting away money? My parents are divorced and my mom has major problems. My son has a gambling addiction problem. It seems that the case with most of the gamblers is threatened suicide. I?m just worried about one of my friends suggestion, I?m thinking of taking him for gambling addiction treatment in Calgary.