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This may be placing wagers on the favorite games such as soccer and baseball, horse sot, boxing, rally, Olympic games or else online casino games with variety of possible bets. Gibson Lizzy Hale Explorer.

Posted 22 July - PM. Posted 22 July - PM midiman56, on 22 July - Casinoo, said:. Posted 22 July - PM shakey64, on 22 July - PM, said:. Posted 23 July - PM. Posted 24 July - AM. Posted 27 July - AM. Posted 31 July - AM. Posted 01 August - AM LPS, on 22 July - PM, said:. Posted 06 September - PM midiman56, on 22 July - PM, said:. Posted 07 September - AM shakey64, on 22 July - PM, said:. Posted 15 September doot AM shakey64, on 22 July - PM, said: Reason:.

Community Forum Software by IP. Gibson Guitar Board: Epi Dot or Casino? Page 1 of You cannot start a new topic. You cannot reply to this topic. Epi Dot or Casino?. I purchased the Casino 30 days ago They are each so different from one another that of course, you will casino both! Gibson Custom Shop R9. Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom. Gibson les Paul Traditional Gold Top. Gibson Jeff "Skunk" Baxter Firebird.

Gibson Lizzy Hale Casinl. Gretsch White Jupiter Thunderbird. Fender James Burton Telecaster. Fender American Special Stratocaster. Epiphone Anniversary Casino. Epiphone Casino Casiino Traditional. Epiphone Les Paul Custom. Epiphone Les Paul Custom Blackback. Epiphone Les Paul Ultra. Epiphone Les Paul Florentine Pro. Love my Dot and my Wildkat, too, but I'm really diggin' my Casino!!! Come see be between the holidays" Mae West.

Racecar, spelled backwards, is, yeah, racecar. The only answer is one of each, to which I can attest. They're both quite different. Actually to me, dot, either can do well for a given picker. A lot depends, too, on how one plays, amp, etc, and one's expectations.

For the money, Casino don't think you can beat the Epi Dot. In fact, not for twice the money. But I'm also convinced that how and what music one plays, plus one's "sound" expectations, play a huge dot in whether one bonds - or not - with a given instrument. Too, I have two Dots built about two years casino - and they're quite different somehow. Or is the "quite different somehow" just in my own head? If I was only getting one, I would go with the Casino as it's not a Gibby knock-off.

Acsino IRT Studio - Casino HT5RH - Bugera V22 - THR10 - Boss GT - Zoom R24 - Fishman TriplePlay. He was very hungry that season ". Casino bass guitars '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb - Traynor YCV50B - Vox VT I have both and like both. I upgraded the Pups on the Dot to SD Jazz and JB which brightened up the sound and made a wonderfully playable but so so sounding guitar into a great overall guitar.

Got the Casino recently Black and Blu and love the sound. I play in a jazz band that also does some other online casino with no deposit. Was playing the Casino and loving the low weight and wonderful tone, but then the band leader called out Black Magic Woman.

The high gain was clearly going to feed back on the Casino so had to switch. One guitar is never enough. The Dot is the more versatile and mod-able of the two, has better upper fret access and is in general a great guitar. I am in love with mine. That said, do I crave a Casino? You bet I do. I love my Dot.

Bought it new in November It is gorgeous, plays great and sounds fantastic. But I would like a Casino too, as they are different beasts. I had a Dot and really liked it but, I sold it dlt a kid who was totally csaino for it. I have an Elitist Casino and really love the tone and weight. That being said, yesterday I bought a Sheraton II Pro wine red and really love the tone of the humbuckers. I'm kind of a style junkie as I have a Washburn HB36K and a Hagstrom Viking Deluxe 12 string as well.

I can't say which to buy as I like 'em all. Posted 01 August - AM. LPS, on 22 July - PM, said:. Posted 06 September - PM. Posted 07 September - AM. In bills casino las vegas nv Irish Channel.

Posted 15 September - AM. The Gibson Brands Family. All Things Gear and Guitar The post may still be visible to dot in this topic. The post will be removed from this topic completely. Time Now: May 14 AM. Mark Board As Read.

BETINHELL - онлайн казино. Установить программу казино на SlotGames игровые автоматы - играть онлайн Онлайн игры Дота бесплатно. The Casino and Dot difference lies in their neck construction, as the Dot has a thinner neck when compared to the Casino. I have a Casino, Sheraton II Pro and sold my Dot and LP-Studio Standard. Get adulterous with a Dot or a Sheraton. Keep the Casino.