Terribles casino in osceola ia

Terribles casino in osceola ia foxwood casino bus

Please change dates or see offers from our partners. Casino was a little stingy. Is their any discounts available for the jucuzzi room, thanks Robin.

Facebook Email or Phone Password Ksceola account? BS - My husband and I go down regularly twice a week. He continues to receive rewards. Even when we terribles casino in osceola ia gone for the winter months, he comes back to free slot plays.

He walks away a winner and yes, he plays some of his winnings. So it's hard to play with your winnings, when you don't get any. But apparently because he's winning, I don't even break even. Thinking very seriously about cashing in my points and cutting up my card. We both used to get a free buffet. So a they aren't loosing anything with terribles casino in osceola ia terribbles buffet. The employees are awesome. The slot attendants are friendly and interact with the patrons. The security are great also.

So I wouldn't casink blaming them for the poor attendance. It's the total lack of rewards for their loyal patrons that are hurting the casinos attendance. Just my 2 cents worth. The price for the room you would think they would have a coffee pot but did not Over all I was not satisfied with our stay We stayed at the hotel which was nice and clean.

We went to the buffet and the bar. The food was GROSS! You have to wait 20 minutes between drinks. If you want to eat or drink in the casino it's cash only! The service was lousy and the people working looked so unprofessional and no one smiled at all! We, of course, lost but that has nothing to do with the rating.

Lakeside Hotel Casino is a stationary boat Casino in Osceola, Iowa and is open room, 2. Terrible's Lakeside Casino in Osceola, Iowa. Complete casino information


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